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Assessing the election impact

With strong expectations that the election results would be followed by weeks of scrabbling and negotiating to form a coalition government, we are as shocked as anyone that the Conservatives managed to achieve a majority government, albeit by the skinniest of margins.

Whichever way you voted (or not at all), the ongoing debate between the two main parties concentrated on surprisingly few issues. Green topics were conspicuous by their absence.

So what now? So far, little change. Energy and the environment is nowhere to be seen in the BBC’s post election round up of “what this means to you.” It remains to be seen whether Cameron will follow a “business as usual” agenda keeping Ministers in similar posts or use the reelection as an opportunity to reshuffle the deck beyond the obvious replacements.

Although the Green Party made impressive gains in voting numbers this was manifested only in the relection of Caroline Lucas in Brighton, home of our latest share offer, BHESco.

While the financial markets clearly liked the idea of the conservative majority  we will need to see clear policies to support community energy and maintain the bouyancy of the ethical investment sector.

With the Liberal Democrats claiming to be the only main party to put climate change at its heart and the loss of Ed Davey, who worked hard within the coalition to keep the green agenda alive, it will be interesting to see what happens in the new majority government.

In his resignation speech, Nick Clegg, spoke of leaving the government Greener than it was five years ago. Lets hope that has been a shared agenda that will receive continued support so our community energy sector can continue to flourish.

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