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At times like this...


At times like this it's difficult to strike the right balance with your business. Should you stop marketing all together? Or push on and hope that people are looking for some small chink of hope for the future? As CEO of an ethical investment platform (not for profit mind), I hope that people will be even more inclined to support businesses that will help to drive a sustainable economy. That they will turn their eyes away from fossil fuels, the internal combustion engine, mass-produced food with complex supply chains, a vastly inflated housing market where key workers can't get affordable housing and look beyond the today to where we want to be tomorrow.

We have a climate emergency but we also have a social emergency. Perhaps we didn't know it until now? Did you even know your local farm could produce vegetable boxes that can get delivered the next day when supermarket websites are falling over and the nearest delivery slot is in 3 weeks? Did you know that the nurse who worked at the local hospital that used to live down your street had to move away from the place where he had lived all his life because he couldn’t afford to get on the housing ladder?

We can often feel powerless to do anything to change the status quo. Well, on mass, supporting innovative social enterprises that tackle these issues is an incredible way for us all to learn that there is an alternative way of doing things. Make these a success and prove that it can be done and then they will multiply across the nation. Every community in the UK could have their own renewable energy scheme, affordable housing development or local food production that they own and nurture.

Invest in communities of people that are doing real tangible things that we can see and touch, possibly even on your own doorstop; not complex, opaque financial instruments. This isn’t about hockey stick projections with a promise of some unrealistic exit in five years, I’m talking about long term fair and equitable interest payments and a stake in an asset that benefits the entire community. Your community. Where you get to shape the future. We can make a difference.

For that reason, I’m shouting out to four amazing social enterprises that are helping to create a more sustainable future. Co Cars, Brighton & Hove Community Land Trust, The Ecological Land Cooperative and Low Carbon Hub. We’ve never felt prouder to represent these types of organisations and help them achieve their goals. Will you join me? 

P.s I recognise that our focus may immediately be on critical relief, so I am also highlighting one other brilliant organisation that we will be raising investment for in the near future. SOFEA are currently providing emergency food boxes for those in need through their community larder and you can help them by donating through Just Giving.

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