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Brighton & Hove CLT

Who benefits

For decades the housing market has prioritised investment over providing homes. Inequality is rising and there is a growing threat of climate breakdown. People feel more isolated and there is a sense that communities are breaking apart. BHCLT will buy land and make sure that it remains a source of decent housing for ever.

Housing in Brighton

We believe that everybody, regardless of income, should have access to a home that is affordable and secure.

The housing problem in Brighton and Hove is particularly acute. Brighton has some of the highest market prices for land, housing and rents in the country in relation to income. Homelessness, house prices and council waiting lists are all increasing. The private rented sector – the only option for many – is insecure, expensive and often of low quality. People earning the national average wage or lower are priced out of accommodation in the city and have to move away from their communities and places they live and work, while a generation of young people born in Brighton and Hove can’t afford to live in the city they were raised in.

How Investment Helps

BHCLT want to change the housing situation and with your support and investment, they can. Speculation in land and buildings is a massive part of why there is a housing crisis and why there is such rampant inequality in society. With investments, BHCLT want to raise money to buy land and make sure that it remains a source of decent housing for ever. BHCLT will:

  • Buy freehold properties and lease them to community-led housing groups
  • Buy freehold land (or land with a long lease) and develop it themselves, then lease the resulting properties to community-led housing groups, or lease it and let the groups develop it themselves

Community Led Housing

In Brighton, average rental costs take up 68% of the median household income.

Community-led housing is a way in which groups of people come together to develop housing solutions to fit their shared housing needs. It could be about living together in different ways, building communities to support each other as members grow older, creating secure housing for groups who struggle to find it, or about living more sustainably.


Community-led housing means that those who benefit have collective control and ownership over their housing. It is about rents that are genuinely affordable, based on incomes and social values, rather than the market. Community-led housing prioritises homes and communities, not profit.


BHCLT Projects

Investment in BHCLT is, not in specific projects - It is about creating opportunities to develop assets and to hold land that will stay of community benefit in perpetuity.

However, for the 2020 share raise BHCLT are issuing community shares to raise capital that will enable the society to purchase its first property, which it will lease to one of its community-led housing groups: SEASALT

SEASALT (South East Students Autonomously Living Together)

“This is the first step to us being able to regain control over our housing conditions in a way that cares for the wellbeing of students and the environment.”

SEASALT member

SEASALT is the first student housing co-operative in the South-East; founded by students to create affordable, high quality housing for students, who are some of the most likely to face exorbitant rents, unresponsive landlords and poor-quality housing. SEASALT want to create alternatives that enable learning about democratic living and cooperative organising and help young people build skills and become more positively involved in the local community. Housing priority will be given to students who most need it.

BHCLT have been working with SEASALT to identify a large property to purchase, that will provide students with an affordable and good quality home to live in.

Bunker Housing Co-operative

Bunker Housing Co-operative was formed in 2015 with the goal of housing low-income families living in private rented accommodation with little hope of either buying their own home or being housed by the local authority. All of Bunker’s membership meet Brighton & Hove City Council’s Housing Allocations Policy in terms of housing need.

Bunker are working closely with the Estate Regeneration Team, who have identified several council-owned, derelict, garage sites that are too small and hard to develop conventional schemes. On one of these sites, Bunker has negotiated a 125-year lease and their first two self-build houses are nearing completion. These homes are architecturally designed, high quality and truly affordable, using a modular system and a CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) super structure. Bunker are currently in pre-development stage on another site, with five houses and flats planned, a project which has secured £162,000 in Homes England grant funding.

BHCLT has provided enabling support to Bunker throughout their development. 1% of the capital cost of the project will be paid to the CLT on practical completion. This contribution enables BHCLT to recycle grant funding and sustain community-led housing support into the future.

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