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What they do

BHESCo is a consumer co-operative established to help consumers lower their energy costs by introducing energy savings and renewable energy installations in communities, empowering individuals to take more control over their own energy supply.


The business of BHESCo is to:

  • Project manage the installation of renewable energy and energy efficiency systems,
  • Own and operate the renewable energy systems to generate electricity and heat,
  • Own and operate energy efficiency systems to save electricity and heat,
  • Conduct energy surveys, advising on best practice for energy management,
  • Give impartial advice on energy bills to customers and raise awareness of the importance of regular switching of energy supplier, taking action to reduce fuel poverty.

Their solar PV systems are located on the roofs of buildings, including offices, schools, industrial estates, public and community buildings, avoiding the use of green fields for solar arrays. Smaller scale biomass plant will be located on customers’ premises.

Larger scale systems such as district heating will deliver low-cost heat to communities from renewable sources like food waste, ground-source and air-source heat.

The Co-operative will receive income from the Feed-in tariff and the Renewable Heat Incentive and sell the energy generated to the customer at a discounted price.

To the extent that more is generated than the customer consumes, electricity will be sold at a guaranteed export price to the National Grid.

Track record

Based in Brighton and Hove, BHESCo have delivered forty-two successful projects throughout Sussex and their reach is growing. They have the expertise to scale their offer throughout England and hope to become known the world over as a model for how energy needs can be met sustainably and affordably.

BHESCo install and operate renewable energy assets which currently generate 475MWh of clean energy each year. They offer a unique Energy Saving Service which identifies where properties are wasting heat and energy and provides the most cost-effective solutions to address any issues. Since 2016 BHESCo has completed energy surveys for nearly 700 properties across Sussex.

Each winter BHESCo delivers a fuel poverty alleviation programme in Brighton which has supported 1,550 residents to achieve collective savings of £102,000 since 2015.

BHESCo brings shareholders and customers together to accelerate the community energy revolution – pioneering a new way to meet the financial and environmental cost of the energy we use, now and for years to come.

In addition to this, BHESCo has consistently paid shareholders 5% interest on their investment, distributing a total of £45,750 to our members.

Installation properties

For their 2019 share raise, BHESCo is showcasing nine projects. Each project has bespoke technological attributes that will demonstrate the economic and social attractiveness of their business model and service proposition. Read more about these properties on the Who benefits page.

Project Potential Generation Capacity (kW) Lifetime financial savings Lifetime Co2 saved
Varndean College, Brighton 49.5 kWp rooftop solar PV £98,370 271 Tonnes CO2
Brighton Road Baptist Church, Horsham 30kWp solar PV (109 panels) £30,600 160 Tonnes CO2
The Unity Centre, Lewes Mastertherm 22kW Air Source Heat Pump £27,420 68 Tonnes CO2
Saltdean Primary, Saltdean 49.78kWp rooftop solar PV (181 panels) £52,261 198 Tonnes CO2
Brunswick Primary, Brighton 71kWp rooftop solar PV (260 panels) £87,189 289 Tonnes CO2
Franklins Brewery, Ringmer 22.5kWp ground-mounted solar PV (60 panels) £15,243 116 Tonnes CO2
Bunker Housing Co-op, Brighton 3.2kWp rooftop solar PV (16 panels) £13,740 37 Tonnes CO2
Patcham Junior, Brighton 28.7kWp rooftop solar PV (108 panels) £13,060 115 Tonnes CO2
Tarnerland Nursery, Brighton 13.75kWp rooftop solar PV (50 panels) £7,351 55 Tonnes CO2
Total £345,234 1,309 Tonnes CO2


BHESCo’s business model was conceived in 1998 through the need to make renewable energy accessible to all. They knew back then that climate change was man-made and yet the business community didn’t embrace a transition away from fossil fuels because fossil fuels were cheap and solar panels, at that time, were prohibitively expensive. BHESCo realised if there were to be a paradigm shift in attitude, it would be necessary to kick-start it by removing the barriers to the uptake of renewable energy from the start. After a few attempts to start the business in London, BHESCo was founded in Hanover, Brighton, in May 2012.

After 3 years refining the business model, including incorporating energy efficiency, combatting fuel poverty through conversations with local businesses and residents, the breakthrough came in August 2015, when, with the help of Ethex, BHESCo raised enough money from members to finance their first projects. Those projects, along with subsequent installations, are now generating almost 475MWh of clean energy each year.

BHESCo's services have since expanded to meet the needs of individuals in our community, whether they are staying warmer for less, having all the information needed to switch energy supplier, choosing to reduce their dependency on fossil fuels by switching to clean, renewable energy generation or reducing their energy consumption without making any sacrifices to their lifestyle.

They also apply their skills and services to helping vulnerable households in our community, free of charge (with the aid of grant funding). In the last year alone, BHESCo have helped more than 750 vulnerable households to stay warm.

BHESCo is committed to making it easy for everybody to do their bit to save the environment, creating more comfort at home and at work, generating clean energy from the sun, wind, biomass and biogas one project at a time.

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