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Charge My Street

What they do

Charge My Street's vision is for all homes without their own offstreet parking to be within five minutes walk of an EV chargepoint. It is built on a sustainable business model.  The main aims of the business are to:

  • Work to build and manage a network of charging points in Lancashire and Cumbria
  • Encourages the take up of EVs, thus supporting action on climate change and air pollution.
  • Give people the tools to locally finance a community chargepoint.
  • Sell electricity through their chargepoint network for a profit.

Charge My Street

Charge My Street was set up by Daniel Heery after he realised that, living in a terraced house in Lancaster, he would not have anywhere to charge the electric car that he wanted to buy. Knowing that community facilities could host equipment and aware of community shares, he carried out extensive research with potential users and stakeholders. He obtained funding from Innovate UK to set up Charge My Street.

That year they raised £19,000 from a community share offer. Along with the grant funding, this enabled them to install four chargepoints: two in Lancaster (at Lancaster Boys and Girls Club and at the Boot and Shoe on Scotforth Road), one in Alston and one in Broughton in Furness (pictured).

They now have experience of operating these four charge points and held their first AGM in November 2019.

What are their plans?

To be viable in the long term Charge My Street needs to grow so that the overheads of running a chargepoint network are spread over a larger number of chargepoints. With this aim they have been successful in obtaining funding from Innovate UK, as part of a project called Scaling on Street Charging Infrastructure (SOSCI). This project will install 100 chargepoints across Lancashire and Cumbria which will be owned and managed by Charge My Street. It provides Charge My Street with a foundation on which to extend the network in the future.

How does it work?

  • Potential sites for chargepoints are identified by Charge My Street directors, staff, local chargepoint champions, or from suggestions made through their website ( Sites need to be off-street, in locations where residents living nearby do not have their own off-street parking.
  • Potential sites are assessed for their commercial viability by Charge My Street (this is a matter of likely demand and the availability of competing chargepoints). If viable, and owners of the sites are willing, a technical assessment is carried out by Bay Camera & Communications, a Lancasterbased installer of chargepoints, looking at the electricity supply and the internet connectivity.
  • Charge My Street negotiates with owners of suitably-located off-street car parking sites resulting in an agreement to lease the site and install a chargepoint. This has a peppercorn rent of £1 per year (reviewed annually) and specifies times when members of the public can use the parking spaces adjacent to the charging point.  It does not give Charge My Street complete control of the parking places. The details of the agreement vary from site to site depending on the needs of the host organisation.
  • Bay Camera & Communications install the chargepoint, which is provided by EO Charging. Chargepoints may be able to use the host organisation’s electricity supply, in which case the agreement with the host organisation includes the rate that Charge My Street will pay the host organisation for the electricity used by the charge points. If there is no available host supply a connection will need to be provided by Electricity North West and Charge My Street will buy electricity from a 100% renewable electricity supplier.
  • Users of the chargepoints pay for the electricity they use (currently 35 p/kWh for non-members).
  • EO Charging provide the web-based system for Charge My Street to monitor usage of the system and manage access to the chargepoints. They provide the billing systems and collect payments on behalf of Charge My Street. Members of Charge My Street can sign up to pay by direct debit, at a reduced rate.

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