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Developing a Sustainable Transport System through Individual Action


Several reports have been published in 2018 about the need for people to act quickly when it comes to climate change. First the IPPCC issued a new report in October highlighting that global warning could still be limited to 1.5 degrees Celsius but ‘rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society’ would need to be taken by governments around the world.

The second report published just before the UN Climate Change conference in Poland (known as COP24) this month was their own Emissions Gap report, which concluded that all governments must triple their efforts after 2018 emissions were seen to increase after a 3-year stabilisation period.

One note of highlight in the report was that untapped potential from innovation and green financing offer pathways to bridge the emissions gap – even in the face of political intransigence.

Did sense prevail at COP 24? Well not really, the rule book was agreed to implement the Paris Agreement however, nothing was agreed on deeper greenhouse gas emission cuts or mechanisms that could help under pin these.

It's down to us

So now what? Well it’s up to the likes of you and me…everyday people who want to take action to fight climate change.

Here at Ethex we believe that innovation, social enterprises and people from all walks of life can start to make micro level changes which can have large scale implications. The IPCC in their advice below sums this up well.

Your money a driving force for good

People can use their money in ways to address climate change, build resilient communities and tackle poverty. One of the most compelling opportunities that is currently on the Ethex platform is from Electric Blue. 

The clean air issue

The transport sector is now the most polluting sector in the UK with 26% of emissions compared to 25% from energy supplies. The main emission sources for the sector were from petrol and diesel cars. Transport emissions not only impact on climate change they also affect air quality providing a double whammy!

The electric vehicle solution

Electric vehicles are seen as one of the main ways in which the UK transport sector can reduce both air pollution and carbon emissions. In order to address this problem, Cambridge City Council commissioned Electric Blue and its partner Swarco to support the electrification of Cambridge’s taxi fleet which is a significant contributor to the poor air quality and greenhouse gas emissions that the historic city experiences.

Electric Blue are already operating 4 chargers within the city which have delivered the following impacts so far:

  • More and more electric taxis are being operated now that some of the charging infrastructure is available. At the start of 2018 there were only 2 licensed electric taxis and private hire vehicles and now there are 17. Cambridge council is aiming to have 100% of the fleet as electric of hybrid by 2028 (and 30% by 2023).
  • The 4 rapid vehicle chargers currently available only take 30 minutes to provide a charge and all the electricity delivered is 100% renewable and provided by Good Energy.
  • Since the chargers were launched they have provided more than 9,000 kWh in chargers – enough to power an average household for 3 years.
  • In November alone Electric Blue provided electric vehicles with enough energy to power them for 15,400 miles – enough to drive to Egypt and back again – TWICE! 

Given the impact that Electric Blue has achieved with only 4 chargers up and running just think what the organisation can deliver with 18 additional charging points. Please consider supporting their £350,000 raise through an Innovative Finance ISA eligible bond to provide them with the necessary capital needed to install and maintain these additional charges. 

Get involved

By investing in Electric Blue you can support direct action in Cambridge to address CO2 emissions and air pollution, whilst also showing that this innovative approach can work as a model to address these issues in other locations throughout the UK.

Investors will also benefit from potential returns from 5-7% per annum and as the bond offer is IF ISA eligible you can also benefit from tax-free potential returns. Capital at risk and returns not guaranteed.

Invest and save with Ethex to

make money do good

You can browse, compare and invest in a range of products on Ethex platform from bank accounts and ISAs to equity investments and charity bonds that offer a social/environmental as well as a financial return. All you need to do is get started...

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