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Empowering Women to Invest Positively


If you think about the word "investors", what do you picture? Chances are it will be male, right? The word conjures up images of Wall Street and London Stock Exchange, lots of suits, and a male-dominated environment. The image of the current investment industry can be a bit daunting for many women. 

Why do less women in the UK invest their money than men? The statistics prove that women in the UK are less likely to make investments than men. Just 21% of women currently hold an investment, as opposed to 35% of men and 52% of women in the UK say they have never held an investment.

During this year’s Good Money Week (29th Sept – 5th Oct) Ethex, the leading online impact investing platform, has set out three recommendations for the financial services industry to help encourage more women to invest.

1. Cut the jargon

Ensure the industry uses clear and straightforward language when talking about investment products.

At Ethex we believe in speaking in clear, straightforward language to our investors, we know they value trust and transparency and want to be provided with opportunities to invest in projects that match their values and motivations. The conditions and risks associated with each are clearly stated and we provide all the information you need to decide if it’s a project you want to support.

Many of the investments we offer have low initial investment amounts, from as little as £50, so if you’re dipping your toe in the water, so to speak, these could be an ideal confidence-builder for investing. 

2. Raise awareness

Actively promote the wide range of financial products, including new and innovative ways to invest, to encourage more women to get involved.

On the Ethex website, you can browse all the available ethical investment opportunities and see which ones appeal to you and your values.

From community energy schemes and renewable energy generation to micro finance, social housing initiatives and eco-farming, Ethex lists a range of businesses that are looking for investor support to achieve their goals.

There are a range of savings and investment products too - from savings to shares and bonds and even new Innovative Finance ISA products, meaning you can also choose to invest for potential tax-free returns.

3. Celebrate female roles

Breaking through the investment industry’s male-dominated image and promoting diversity and female role models in the industry.

While a number of factors will play a part, one of the main reasons that women aren’t actively investing as much as men is down to a lack of confidence, as 45% of men feel confident in making investment decisions while just 28% of women do.

There is also a big divide in perceived knowledge, where 26% of men in the UK feel they have a good level of knowledge of stocks and shares compared to just 13% of women.

It’s obvious to us that building confidence in ethical investing is key to empowering more women to invest. At Ethex, we want to make it easier for women to start investing their money positively and help them feel more confident in taking control of their money and what it funds.

Currently, 39% of Ethex’s customers are women and we are looking at solutions to help encourage more women to invest.

Join the Positive Investment movement

Through our network of over 13,000 people, we have raised over £65 million for businesses that do good, and as an investor, you can have confidence that your money is working hard to help these businesses. Take a look at the impact that these investments have achieved here.

Lisa Ashford, CEO, Ethex says: “It is incorrect to think that men are more engaged with their money simply because there are more male investors. The industry needs to understand the moti-vations of the investor, not simply how a product is communicated or what it returns.
Good Money Week is a great initiative for looking at investing not simply as a product but a means of supporting an issue you value. If we can encourage more people to get involved, then that is a great outcome.”

Try it yourself

Of course, every person is different, and you should always look carefully at the pros and cons of any investment you make. But if you’re interested in using your money to help make a positive impact, as well as earning you a potential financial reward, why wait?

With Ethex you can invest with confidence that your money is having a positive impact, so browse our platform today and start taking control of your money.

Find out more about how Ethex can help you invest in businesses you believe in.

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