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Equal Care Co-op - OFFER CLOSED

Social performance

Equal Care Co-op brings benefits to everyone involved in the relationship between givers and receivers of support - people on both sides of the care and support relationship are connected and empowered to be self-managing and an abundance of local care and support is created

Key Social Performance Indicators (KSPIs)

KSPIs are a measure of how the business is performing on delivering its main social or environmental purpose. Read more

KSPI 1 - Care givers and receivers

By establishing and facilitating circles of support through their platform co-operative, Equal Care Co-op brings benefits to everyone involved in the relationship between givers and receivers of support. People on both sides of the care and support relationship are connected and empowered to be self-managing and an abundance of local care and support is created.

Through advertising, social media and word of mouth, people became interested in the Co-op and its aims. Care and support workers see the benefits of making stable relationships with clients where they have chosen each other and they are self-managing and receiving a higher rate of pay. People looking for care and support see the benefits of choosing who supports them, how and when, and of finding reliable and long-term local support. Both sides can be in control of the relationship and how it works.

Equal Care Co-op have started locally and are setting up two pilot circles of care and support, one in Hebden Bridge and one in Blackshaw Head. They have started to match up people giving and receiving support and the circles are slowly growing, but in different ways.

Hebden Bridge, a small market town, is large enough that Equal Care Co-op have been able to recruit local experienced care and support workers, using a Crowdfunding effort to help them do so. Blackshaw Head, a small village on ‘the tops’, has very few people qualified to offer professional care and support and the circle is made up of mainly volunteers and has some amazing momentum behind it.

KSPI 2 - Rural Communities

Rural communities, such as Blackshaw Head, can especially benefit from Equal Care’s approach to social care. Such communities are often forced to rely on town-based agencies or find independent people to support them because they can’t sustain a traditional agency. It’s rare that they can find someone with the right skills and qualifications who lives in the village.

This results in high-risk situations: people try and manage for themselves longer than they should, increasing the likelihood of crisis and sudden, permanent relocation to residential care. Care workers change even more frequently than the sector average and often the complexity of the terrain is too difficult for agencies to navigate during the winter.

But having a local group of workers, backed up by volunteers, changes everything. With a committed care and support circle made up of members of the community, the isolation becomes a strength: there’s a group of people trained and available to look out for one another and if it snows you don’t need to cancel a visit - you just put your boots on.

KSPI 3 - Technology

The platform co-operative will use technology that will benefit care and support workers and those receiving care and support by empowering them to have control. This includes everything from staff organising training and offering mentoring and running workshops, through to people supported controlling who sees their data and choosing who gives them care and support, how and when. They will be able to find the best person to give them the care and support they need. It also includes things like accessibility equipment, translators, peer support, illustrators, skillsharing, visual contracts, Easy Read and so on. Care and support workers will be able to find the right people to work with and like-minded peers who will support each other. Rather than being told what to do by managers, they will become a community, working cooperatively. The technology will also remove costly layers of management as well as much paperwork and thus allow more of the fees to go to the workers.

KSPI 4 - Alternative currency

Equal Care Co-op are introducing an alternative currency: Care Coins. Care coins can be used as a form of exchange to ‘buy’ support for yourself or to give to someone else. This will benefit the community by creating more opportunities to give and receive care and support, ones that might otherwise not be affordable.

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