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Financial products we can list

We are able to list a range of financial products in front of our socially motivated 13,000 strong investor community that can help your enterprise to raise money

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Financial offers we can list

We can help your organisation to grow and flourish by raising investment from likeminded investors. 

We list a range of financial products on Ethex. Each has different features, so get in touch to discuss which option would work best for your organisation. Find out more about each of them below. 

Community Shares

Community shares are only issued by Co-ops and Community Benefit Societies. This type of share is non-transferable, instead, the society allows shareholders to withdraw their share capital, subject to terms and conditions that protect the society’s financial security. The value of shares is fixed and not subject to speculation, although some societies have the power to reduce share values if the society is experiencing financial difficulties.

Shareholders have one vote, no matter what the size of their shareholding. There is also a limit on the interest paid on share capital.

Most societies are subject to an asset lock, which protects the society from being sold and the proceeds of the sale being distributed amongst shareholders.

Community Shares can be eligible for Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) which can make your offer more attractive to investors. Ethex has match funding available for SITR eligible offers.

The development of the Communty Shares approach is being led by the Community Share Unit, a project of Co-ops UK.  The Communty Shares Unit advocates for the use of the Community Shares Standard Mark, which gives assurance to investors that the development a prospectus has met good practice standards.


Bonds are a form of debt with a fixed interest rate and fixed term, after which they must be repaid. They can be made transferable and traded on a secondary market, meaning they can be more liquid then some other types of investment. Bonds can be held in an Innovative Finance Individual Savings Account (IFISA), which means any interest paid will be tax-free.


Equity is the ownership of shares in a company. The enterprise issues a percentage of shares to investors that gives them part ownership of the company.  

Ordinary shares in conventional companies such as Company Limited by Shares or Company Limited by Guarantee can be eligible for tax relief schemes such as the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) or Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS).

Shares may appreciate in value (although their value can also go down) and successful well-established enterprises may pay dividends to shareholders. If the enterprise sells its company at a point in the future at a higher value than when investors invested, they could make a return on their investment. They may also be able to sell shares through a secondary market to other potential investors.

Loan stock

Loan stock is a form of debt where money is lent in exchange for interest payments and a pledge to repay the initial amount at some point in the future, as defined in the loan agreement.

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