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Four steps to making money do good

Thinking of taking the first steps in Impact Investing?

I don’t usually believe in putting things off. But for months I had been toying with the idea of taking up photography. I liked the idea of it and it interests me. But I thought-what if it’s more complicated than I think? It’s probably expensive. And anyway, I might not have the time.

Last week, I took the leap and signed up for a class. Easy. I’m already thinking it’s one of the best decisions I have made. So why did I have the fear?

A fear of the unknown?

In recent years, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding Impact Investing. It sounds like a great idea and a lot of people are interested, can see the benefits, but the uptake has been slower than expected.

Like anything new, changing the way you save and invest your money is a big step. Even a scary one. But it doesn’t have to be.

Positive Investing made easy

Ethex is an online ‘Positive Investing Platform’ and our mission is to make positive (or impact) investing accessible to everyone. We believe in helping people take control of their money and using it to support something they believe in.

Browse the Ethex platform and you’ll see that list businesses that have a positive social or environmental impact, so individuals like you can browse and choose suitable investments and know we're doing good.

Here's how they help you to make your money do good in four easy steps:

1. Choose an investment

Browse all the available investment opportunities at Ethex and see which ones appeal to you. From community energy schemes and renewable energy generation to micro finance, social housing initiatives and eco-farming, Ethex lists a range of businesses that are looking for investor support to achieve their goals.

The conditions and risks associated with each are clearly stated and there is all the information you need to decide if it’s a project you want to support. There are a range of investment types too - from savings to shares and bonds and even new Innovative Finance ISA products, meaning you can choose to invest for tax-free returns.

2. Invest your money

Once you’ve chosen an investment and read all the info, Ethex makes it easy for you to make your investment. And you don’t need to have thousands of pounds to spare to start making a difference, Investments on their platform start from as little as £50.

So, if you’re looking to dip your toe in the impact investment market, this could be a great way for you to start. All your investments are managed securely through the Ethex platform and you will receive confirmation as well as regular updates from them.

3. Make a positive impact

Investing through Ethex is a great way to be sure you know what your money is funding. While with many bank accounts and investment funds, it’s hard to see exactly where your cash is going, Ethex believe in complete transparency, so you can see the impact your investment is having, for example, cutting tonnes of CO2 emissions, refurbishing a derelict historic building, or turning dissed land into organic farmland or gardens.

Since launch, Ethex has raised almost £65 million in investment for businesses with social, ethical or environmental missions, and they want to help more people make a difference with their money.

4. Generate potential returns

There is a general misconception that ethical investments might not generate a financial return, but that isn’t the case. Look at the investments on offer and you will see potential returns of up to 7% for some products - add to this the fact you’re generating positive impact, and these could start to look like a credible option for your investments.

With any equity investment, there is always a degree of risk. The returns are not guaranteed and there is a chance you won’t get back what you have put in. Ethex are upfront and transparent about the risks, as well as the potential benefits of each investment.

Try it yourself

Of course, every person is different, and you should always look carefully at the pros and cons of any investment you make. But if you are interested in using your Money to help save a positive impact, as well as earning you a potential financial reward, why wait? You might find it’s one of the best decisions you make!

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