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Get Cycling

Social performance

Get Cycling's events and programmes are hugely important in providing access to cycling to those who need it most. Get Cycling is committed to getting more people on bikes and removing barriers to cycling, improving public attitudes and increasing people’s awareness of options, physical ability, and confidence.

The backbone of their offer is a fleet of exciting cycles of all kinds, and for all ages, from which they choose the ones to take to any given event. They also operate three multi-seater megabikes and an arcade of static pedal-powered arcade devices: smoothie-maker, velodrome racing game, bubble maker, gramophone, race simulator and slot car racing. Most have been developed and built by Get Cycling, so are unique.

Key Social Performance Indicators (KSPIs)

KSPIs are a measure of how the business is performing on delivering its main social or environmental purpose. Read more

Get Cycling has rarely measured its social and community impact, since almost everything it has delivered translates into such impact. Furthermore, since only 2% of its income has been from grant support, there has not been a strong incentive to provide detailed annual social impact reports. This will change. The trustees of Get Cycling CBS will set targets against which performance will be measured.

An individual at one of our try out shows in a shopping centre might spend 20 minutes with us, but a child on one of our intense cycling courses at Selby High School will be one of only 15, enjoying 16 hours of intense engagement with our staff.

In broad terms, experience guides us to forecast around 40,000 engagements with individuals annually, from around 130 large events and schools visits, and the rest in more one-to-one engagements.

KSPI 1 - College of Cycling

College of Cycling - touring towns and villages offering tuition and cycling experiences to pre-booked groups

An example of a new KSPI Get Cycling will be able to measure is thier new College of Cycling touring towns and villages giving tuition and cycling experiences to pre-booked groups. These are a strong alternative to Get Cycling's big bike-try-out roadshows.

Rather than getting 800 people on bikes for 20 minutes each, Get Cycling will bring very different techniques to engage with 15 to 20 people in a full day or half day, giving them intensive support in the areas of cycle skills training, get-into-cycling advice, try-out of sample bikes, cycle maintenance and a short supported ride. It will sometimes involve participants bringing their cycles to the course on the day, so that they can help them maintain and repair, alongside other learning experiences. This is in a sense the reorientation and rebranding of what Get Cycling already do: but using staff with the confidence and ability to engage happily with pre-booked small groups over a range of activities.

Measuring this KSPI will be easy, since we can count participants and duration of engagement. We can also ask participants for feedback we can collate.

KSPI 2 - Inclusive Cycling Holidays

Inclusive Cycling Holidays - with full support and all specialised cycles suppled have been successfully pioneered by Get Cycling but never rolled out.

Another activity area which will need its own KSPI is their upcoming Inclusive Cycling Holidays, with a high ratio of staff to client, over three to four days. Here the KSPI measurement will give them the evidence they will need to attract external funding to expand this activity.

In 2015 Get Cycling ran some successful residential cycling holidays for people with disabilities. They wish to reinstate this activity area, for specific membership support groups and for special schools and colleges, basing them in York, and at the disability-friendly Youth Hostel in the National Forest, which they have used for this purpose before. Almost all special schools aim to provide a residential activity each year. The success of this activity area will depend on strong support from volunteers.

KSPI 3 - Weddings and Funerals

Weddings and Funerals: A separate KSPI can be attached to Get Cycling's increasing involvement in Weddings and Funerals, using pedal power to make these occasions more eco-friendly and memorable.

Get Cycling have regular bookings for their wedding rickshaw plus driver, and they want to expand on this, and extend their offer towards guests also using specialised pedal-powered wedding transport. Get Cycling hope to identify a suitable hotel/catering venue in York with whom they can partner to develop an eco-friendly wedding offer in York.

They also wish to supply a cycling service for funerals, based on the development of a pedal-powered hearse. Not all cyclists want to make their final journeys in a motor vehicle, and many mourners will want to accompany the hearse on cycles Get Cycling can supply.

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