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Governance and People performance indicators

This section is designed to help you understand how the business is controlled and managed.

The Governance section shows you who owns and controls the business, how well its social mission is protected, and how confident you can be that it will remain true to its objectives.

Who are the largest shareholders? How many shareholders are there, and what size of holding do they have? Are the shareholders active, in that they vote every year?

The People section shows you the people who are running the business. These are both the senior management team, and the directors who might be less involved on a day to day basis, but are still ultimately responsible.

The salary ratio shows you the ratio of the salary of the highest paid employee to the lowest paid employee, including any bonuses. As examples, Will Hutton recently recommended a 20:1 ratio for public sector employees. And the UK’s top 100 chief executives are paid more than 300 times the minimum wage. Ethex businesses usually have a salary ratio of under 10:1.

Director’s remuneration shows you how much the directors are paid for the services they provide.

In the diversity section, you can see the percentage of the board that is female. The current UK average is 15.6%, whereas Ethex businesses range from 17% to 50%. You can also see the percentage of the board that is not caucasion. 

Finally, employee satisfaction offers you an outline of how happy the employees are working for the business. This is based on surveys conducted by the business of its employees.

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