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Gower Regeneration - OFFER CLOSED

Social performance

By investing in Gower Regeneration you are investing in a community business which will be run for the local community, by the local community and provide enough clean energy to power 300 households.

Key Social Performance Indicators (KSPIs)

KSPIs are a measure of how the business is performing on delivering its main social or environmental purpose. Read more

KSPI 1 - Clean Energy Produced

Gower Regeneration's solar farm will convert sunlight into energy - roughly enough to meet the energy demands of around 300 houses, for the 30 years of the lease on the land the panels stand on. As well as providing clean, renewable energy, reducing the nation’s need for fossil fuels, your vital investment will mean that in a very short time, surplus funds will be available, to re-invest in developing people-power and supporting growth in the local rural economy.

The solar farm is producing a lot of clean electricity (1,026,983 kWh) delivered by 3,568 solar panels.

KSPI 2 - Support for existing and prospective local enterprises

Gower Regeneration Ltd will use profits that it generates from the sale of electricity and from subsidies to invest into initiatives in the local area which build the rural economy in a way which won’t cause harm for future generations. The Society will identify, develop and support projects that are socially focused, ecologically sensitive and celebrate the natural heritage of the local area. As per the Rules of our Society, the distribution of profits to deliver these wider social objectives will be agreed at each AGM by members.

Gower Regeneration is already working with Cae Tan CSA.  A successful share offer will allow Gower Regeneration to invest in expanding projects like Cae Tan CSA onsite. Cae Tan CSA is already providing organic vegetables for over 100 local households and is looking for new spaces to grow food and engage community members including school children. More information is available at

KSPI 3 - Carbon Reduction

Wales has a legally binding target to reduce net carbon dioxide emissions by 80% of 1990 levels by 2050. The Society owning the farm, will continue to sell clean electricity for 30 years and receive subsidies for generating it from a renewable source for the next 20 years.

The onsite woodland also offers a host of possibilities - potentially a wood cooperative, providing sustainable, carbon-neutral fuel for local households, or a wood-fired boiler for the nearby school. Burning wood releases the same amount of carbon dioxide that the tree absorbs while it is growing. This means that if processing and transportation can be done in ways which minimise CO2 production, wood can be a carbon-neutral fuel.

The solar farm will prevent approx 11,500 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

Common environmental performance indicators (CEPIs)

CEPIs are environmental performance indicators that are common to all businesses, no matter what their main business activity is. Read more

Carbon emissions

Please see above KPSI 3.

Staff travel to work

Gower Regeneration does not currently report on staff travel to work. 

Waste and recycling

Gower Regeneration does not currently report on waste and recycling. 

Common Social Performance Indicators (CSPIs)

CSPIs are social performance indicators that are common to all businesses, no matter what their main business activity is. Read more

Community involvement

Please see above KSPI 1.

Ethical procurement

Gower Regeneration does not currently report on ethical procurement. 

Local employment

Two jobs will be created and over a dozen protected in first the 5 years, with this target to be extended thereafter.

The Society is committed to developing apprenticeship schemes, work experience opportunities and providing developmental support to growing small businesses, strengthening Gower Heritage Centre’s role as a greenhouse for local ideas and talent.

Social Impact Plan

Gower Regeneration's Impact plan shows how the things they plan to do will achieve the changes they want to see. It helps explain the purpose behind what they are doing, so they can continue to work in the right way, with the wider goals in mind. It can be downloaded here:

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