As part of our services to you when you raise finance on Ethex our highly experienced Marketing and Communications team will help you make your offer a success.

During a raise you will work with our Marketing and Communications team to develop a campaign that reaches the right audience for your offer. This will include us building a compelling online profile for your business on the Ethex platform.

We use our years of experience and high quality data to ensure that we get the messaging right and target your offer to those investors most likely to support your organisation. Working with a successful PR firm, we’ll seek opportunities to get your story in front of the people that matter seeking local and even national coverage.

We will work with you to reach out to new investors that are interested in supporting your organisation. We will do this through a range of channels including social media, traditional media and our networks.

We want our investors to be able to talk to the people they might want to invest in. We make this happen by setting up Meet the Business webinars and our regular Cuppa Club webinars are an opportunity to discuss your area of impact with our investors.