If you live outside the UK then it may be possible for you to invest in some of the offers available on Ethex.  The eligibility for overseas investors is often dependent on each individual organisation’s rules and preferences. The main reason that organisations may not accept investors is the additional administration costs of having to pay interest into overseas bank accounts.  We therefore ask that before placing an investment you contact us at help@ethex.org.uk so we can inform you as to whether your investment will be accepted.  Should the organisation in question be happy to accept your overseas investment, please note certain countries may impose restrictions on the ability of their nationals to invest overseas and consent may be required or taxes due locally. As we cannot be familiar with the legislation in every country, when you choose to make a decision to invest from outside the UK, we need to make it clear to you that it is your responsibility to be aware of any restrictions your country of residence may impose, and that Ethex cannot be liable for them. We will also need to request proof of identity in the form of a scanned copy of the main page of your passport and proof of your address in the form of a statement from a bank, building society investment account or insurance company dated within the last three months.