Ethex provides registrar services for over 30+ organisations (see list below). We can therefore only provide portfolio investment data for these organisations. For any investments in companies not included in the list below we can show the value of the investment you made via Ethex but these are not maintained to show you a 'current' position, you will need to contact the appointed registrar for any organisation not listed below and if you are unsure as to who your registrar is then you can email and our team can you provide you with this information. 
Organisations that Ethex provides registry services for:  
Bath and West Community Energy (2017 Bond only), The Ethical Property Company, London CLT, St Ives Community Land Trust, Brighton and Hove CLT, Calleva Community Energy, Ferry Farm Community Solar, Low Carbon Gordano (2018 Bond only), Tamar Energy Community, Brighton and Hove Energy Services Coop, Co Cars, Future Wolverton, Mustard Seed Property, Westmill Solar Cooperative, Bristol Energy Cooperative, Common Ground Against Homelessness, Gawcott Fields Community Solar, PEC Renewables, Wolverton Community Energy, BS3 Community Development, Electric Blue, Get Cycling CBS, People Place and Participation (Flo’s), Wiltshire Wildlife Community Energy, BWCE, en10ergy, Heart of England Community Energy, Power Up North London, YorSpace