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How conscious consumers can make their money a force for good

Do you know what your money is funding?

A growing number of people are becoming aware of the social and environmental impact of their actions, be it purchases, food choices, energy, transport and fuel use – even their fashion.

With more and more people moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle, we see them making choices as consumers to reflect their beliefs and values.

Is there such a thing as good money?

So, what about your finances? While not immediately obvious as a force for good, how we manage our money day-to-day can have a huge impact on the world, depending on the choices we make.

By taking direct control of your money, you can use your financial choices to send a clear message about what you believe in and, we believe this can be even more powerful than your vote in driving change and taking a positive stand for your personal values and motivations.

Do you know where your money goes?

The truth is that many of us just aren’t aware of what journey our hard-earned money goes on once it is put away in a savings account or investment product. And we might actually be shocked to learn that our pounds and pennies could be funding industries and practices that go against our core values – perhaps even something we openly oppose.

Make money do good

At Ethex, we want to make everyone aware of the power of their pound and help them to save and invest in businesses they believe in, while still giving the opportunity for financial growth. It’s what’s often referred to as ‘impact’ or ‘ethical’ investing. And it’s easier than you might think.

We have an existing community of over 13,000 motivated investors, who are already putting their money where their mouths, and hearts, are and investing in businesses that have a positive impact on the world. To date, investments made through Ethex have made a real difference:

  • Over £62,800,000 raised for businesses with a social, ethical or environmental impact
  • 39 Affordable UK homes created from 2 funded projects
  • Over £36 million invested in solar projects (saving 105,206 tonnes of CO2 per annum)
  • 181 Acres of land converted to agro-ecology
  • More than £5,735,000 invested in wind power (Saving 4,977 tonnes of CO2 per annum)
  • 3 Historical buildings saved
  • 1,172 tonnes of CO2 saved per annum from funding of hydropower projects
  • 9 care facilities created for social care housing and community nurseries 

A desire to make money do good

Last year, we conducted a survey into impact investing in the UK and discovered that while the majority (90%) of the population were interested in making their money do good, 90% of those surveyed felt they did not have enough information to make these choices.

What’s important to remember is that impact investing is not charitable giving. We believe that profit and positive impact can go hand in hand, and many ‘ethical’ financial products offer potential returns that are as high, if not higher, than their traditional counterparts.

On the Ethex platform, you can find investments that start as low as £50, and our process helps make it easy for you to start making an impact with your money.

Read the results of our survey here

So, how does it work?

You choose from a range of businesses that are looking for investment. You can read up on the social and financial impact, the potential returns, the risks and make your decision.

Ethex lists a wide range of investment products, from ISAs, ethical funds, impact bonds to share offers. Each product will have a minimum investment amount and term. You can make your investment into these businesses with ease, using the Ethex platform.

Your chosen business will receive the funding it needs to make a difference and you can track the progress that your money is making in creating impact.

Depending on the product you have chosen, you could receive a potential return on your money within 6 months, or longer and potential returns of up to 6%. Remember that for many products, your capital is at risk and returns are not guaranteed

Take control

If you have strong ethical values, or simply want to find a way to help make a positive difference in society, taking ownership and control of your money is one of the biggest steps you can take.

When you get to choose where and how your money is saved and invested, you can be safe in the knowledge that it is working as hard as you to do good. By joining our 13,000+ strong community of positive investors, collectively, we can make a positive impact on a large scale.

You’ve now taken the first step in finding out more and– so continue to keep up to date with what’s new in this space by signing signing up to receive the Ethex alerts and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

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