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Westmill Solar co-operative transferable shares are available to purchase on the secondary market, subject to availability. This means that if you are thinking of buying this investment product, you need to decide on the price per bond that you are willing to pay

The information below tells you at what prices trades are taking place currently and in the past, as well as the prices that other investors are looking to buy and sell at.

You can find a guide to the process of buying and selling transferable shares here.

If you're looking to sell Westmill Solar co-operative transferable shares, you can use our simple online form, available here, to place an order to sell.

Price and availability of these shares

Price and availability information last changed on 22-Nov-2017

Trades being completed

This table shows if there are currently any buyers and sellers who have recently been matched together to make a trade. Each trade can take several weeks to complete. Once settled, the trades will appear in the graph of Past Share Prices and Volumes in the next section below.

Date matched Volume Price
10th Oct 2017 1000 130p
6th Nov 2017 175 126p
6th Nov 2017 175 126p
6th Nov 2017 1,400 130p
6th Nov 2017 175 130p
6th Nov 2017 655 130p

Open sell offers

This table shows the price that investors on Ethex are currently looking to sell their Westmill Solar Co-operative Shares for, and the number of shares available for sale at that price. You can choose one of these prices, or set your own price. 

Volume Price
23,915 150p

Open buy offers

This table shows if there are currently any other buyers for Westmill Solar Co-ooperative Shares and the prices these buyers are prepared to pay. Buyers offering the highest price will be first in the queue. 

Volume Price
37 130p
6,000 128p
7,874 127p
160 126p
4,970 125p
7,761 119p
213 117p
5,217 115p
200 112p
13,290 110p
6,901 105p
21,392 100p

Past share price and volumes

The graph below shows the price at which shares have been traded in the past as well as the number of shares traded.

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