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Meet some of our positive investors

As of Winter 2016, more than 10,000 investors have registered on Ethex – people from all walks of life who have committed from tens to tens of thousands of pounds to make a positive difference to the environment or society.

Here are just a few of them:

Sam Daws

“If you follow FCA recommendations to put a maximum of 10% in higher-risk investments, you can still make sure the other 90% is invested postively. I strive to have nothing in my portfolio that is not useful or beautiful.”

Brenda Boardman

“I want to get closer to my investments, and I don’t want lots of middlemen making decisions on my behalf that I possibly won’t agree with. In my head renewables are such a no brainer. I mind less having the weather affect my investments than the vagaries of the City! I like helping the environment and feeling that we're making a difference.”

Pam Penkman

“I had some money after retiring from my firm that wasn’t earmarked for anything else. Investing in a community solar array made sense as there was a good financial return as well as an environmental one. Unlike other investments in pensions and ISAs, it gave me a direct connection with a new, local venture.”

Maggie Jeffery

“I’m very community-minded, and I like the idea of my investments being used to help a community – otherwise the money just seems to get lost in a hole. Things will only change one person at a time. I can’t do anything about other people, but I can be responsible for changing myself.”

Steve Clarke

“I am willing to take a risk but am more motivated by the social usefulness of an investment than by an extra 0.5% interest. I invested in the Golden Lane Bond because I would like to support the institution (Mencap) as well as the cause - independent housing for people with learning difficulties - and I think it is a secure investment with a reasonable return.”

Naturesave Trust

“As well as providing seed capital to groups like Green Fox Community Energy, the Trust has invested in around 20 different renewable schemes. Aiming to spread our resources widely, our investments range from £1,000 to £6,000. We’re using the insurance industry as a vehicle for sustainable development. Our customers are intelligent, altruistic people and they see us as a force for good, doing positive things.”

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