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Mustard Seed Property

Social performance

Mustard Seed Property's vision is of a Cornwall where its world renowned hospitality is extended not just to those who can most afford it, but to the most vulnerable in the local community, and where it offers the right support to those that need it.

Core Values

Mustard Seed Property seeks to fulfil its purpose on the basis of a set of core values. It:

  • enables those at risk of isolation to participate in community life and develop relationships and skills.
  • facilitates community participation and acts in ways that promote community empowerment.
  • delivers housing projects to the highest quality and environmental standards, and promotes good practice.
  • celebrates and promotes diversity in the local community.
  • adds value to, and avoids duplicating, existing services, provision and activities.

The Directors expect that, with further funds of £600,000 raised, the following impacts could be achieved:

  • the number of individuals being supported could increase by 20 each year.
  • membership of MSP could increase substantially, both locally and nationally.
  • MSP will increase the number of properties it owns, and lets to social partners, to three.
  • energy efficiency and potential for community energy generation could be increased.
  • the partner organisations of MSP will be able to grow and work with even more people.

Even if MSP reach only their lower target of £150,000, they will be able to refurbish the second property they own and support 12 people each year. There would still be an increased membership and the opportunity to support more individuals and increase the number of partners.

Key Social Performance Indicators (KSPIs)

KSPIs are a measure of how the business is performing on delivering its main social or environmental purpose. Read more

KSPI 1 - Supporting vulnerable people in to supported housing

"Coming into this house, well, all my worries were answered! I now have an address so I can look for work and I have a safe home."
A successful raise through this share offer will enable Mustard Seed Property to radically improve the lives of 20 adults with learning disabilities, recovering from addiction, or at risk of homelessness by providing sheltered accommodation and support.

The successful completion of this raise would also bring benefits to the Cornish and wider community:
  • more supported accommodation and opportunity for the most vulnerable.
  • high quality support which reduces the number of people unnecessarily ending up in hospitals or prison.
  • a more inclusive society is good for everyone.
  • strong, diverse and resilient community.

KSPI 2 - Purchase of property and refurbishment to a high standard

“I’ve been here for about 2 years and making the place homely has been like therapy for me. I am glad to be able to live in the area I was brought up in and have connections and know the geography."

The first Community Share Offer helped to purchase the first property in Helston, and the second Offer allowed the purchase of the second property in Redruth. MSP is seeking funds to further expand its property portfolio, again asking the community for its backing. A successful raise would mean:

  • MSP can refurbish and redevelop the second property - for Karrek Community CIC to support an estimated six people with a learning disability in Redruth. This property will contain three studios and three 1-bed flats in a complex with communal living space for training and leisure.
  • MSP can buy a third property for a third partner to support the people they work with.
  • MSP, through its trusted partners, could respond more fully to the vulnerable individuals in the local community and meet the needs of under-served groups.
  • local investors would see not just a financial return on their investments – but also a social impact.

The partner’s view: “It’s really refreshing to have a relationship with a property investor like Mustard Seed Property. They buy the property we need with the best interests of people supported in mind and customise it to their needs. It means we can focus our efforts on supporting people and not on just being a property development company. And we have security of tenure in a property that’s fit for purpose and affordable for everyone involved.”

MSP will use the funds raised through this offer to refurbish its second property and to purchase a third new property. Funds raised above that figure will be used to:

  • purchase further property, thereby expanding the impact of MSP and its partners; or
  • to reduce debt, freeing up funds that can be spent on the positive work being done by the organisation.

KSPI 3 - Responding to an identified local need

Cornwall is a national leader in food and farming, renewable energy, manufacturing and a home for many tech based entrepreneurs, boasting some of the fastest broadband speeds in the country. But with its dispersed rural population, and its natural attractiveness as a retirement destination, it has also had to become a leader in social care. The economics for local people are difficult to shoulder, but there are many people who have little ability to fend for themselves and are isolated from family or friends.

Mustard Seed Property was set up by people in Cornwall intent on providing the right support for those people. Their needs are disparate - they might need a permanent home or they might be needing a bedroom for a few weeks; some might need somewhere to work or train; some might need a place to connect with others or access land where they can grow something.

Through partner charities and social enterprises, Mustard Seed Property acquires and develops properties, which are leased to partners that make them available as homes or workplaces for the most vulnerable in society. A successful raise will enable greater intervention in the local housing market and respond to an identified need for more housing for vulnerable individuals in the area.

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