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Our Portfolio Service

Keep track of your positive investments with the Ethex Portfolio Service

Our Portfolio Service is a unique way of building a positive investment portfolio.

The service allows investors to track the performance of each positive investment, and their orders to buy and sell investments.

The service is available for an annual subscription charge of £30.

Customers subscribing to the portfolio service also receive a free ticket to Ethex's Annual Gathering, worth £30.

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Portfolio Features

Track your positive investment portfolio

Your Ethex portfolio summarises the absolute and % change in value across all your positive investments on the handy 'Summary' page.

Track individual investment performance

The latest prices of positive investments in your portfolio are updated automatically by Ethex on a regular basis. Using this information your portfolio automatically calculates the value of your holdings and the % change in value from the transaction price.

Track orders and transactions

When you place any orders to buy and sell positive investment products through Ethex they will be listed in your Portfolio. You can follow their status as the orders progress, with successful transactions being listed on completion.