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Raising finance with Ethex


Amount raised


Registered investors


Projects funded

Investors put their money in businesses they believe in

Positive businesses find the investment they need to develop and grow

All figures drawn from live data 21st October 2018

Interested in raising finance with Ethex?

Raising finance with Ethex

A selection of projects that have successfully raised finance with Ethex

All businesses listing on Ethex have a clear social and environmental mission at their heart and work in areas like renewable energy, fair trade, social housing, organic farming, and microfinance. These social businesses, charities and community organisations have raised finance with Ethex over the last three years.

Our partners

Ethex works with partners to support positive businesses to raise finance.

  • Triodos Bank
  • Mongoose Energy
  • Sharenergy
  • Communities For Renewables
  • Resonance
  • Good Finance

Our awards

Over the last three years, Ethex has won several awards – these are some of the main ones.

  • Community Energy England
  • Market Building Award
  • PEA Awards
  • Social Enterprise Awards
  • The Sustainable City Awards

Our press coverage

Ethex has had press coverage in the key UK publications listed here.

  • The Guardian
  • FT Adviser
  • The Sunday Times
  • Savvy Woman
  • The Independent
  • BBC Radio 4
  • Blue and Green
  • London Evening Standard