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Oikocredit: Social and environmental outcomes from an on-the-ground perspective

01 February 2017

The Philippines is the world’s third highest risk area for natural disasters. Frequent typhoons and cyclones bring excessive rain and wind, threatening the livelihoods of around 60% of the poorest groups who tend to live in rural communities and must also contend with rising sea levels, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Growing and developing our team

24 January 2017

 I’m proud of the talented and experienced team we have at Ethex, helping our listed businesses bring their fundraising projects to fruition and guiding our positive investors along their journey too. As we’ve been expanding, we’ve welcomed some new faces bringing new skills to strengthen the team, as well as nurturing our existing staff.


New £multi-million Crowd Match Fund

07 December 2016

We’ve partnered with Big Society Capital to join a unique Crowd Match Fund for private investments into Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) eligible charities and social enterprises.


Changes to SITR

01 December 2016

The threshold for businesses raising finance through Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) has been raised to £1.5 million, for companies up to seven years old. While some had hoped for a larger increase to £5 million, it is nevertheless welcome news, which should provide a boost for the sector.


Housing in the headlines...

28 November 2016

Chatter about community-led housing has reached the mainstream in the last week. Leeds Community Homes is a project which is doing something truly pioneering and where the support offered by Power to Change is most advanced.


£49 million now raised on Ethex to make money do good

31 October 2016

Great news! This week Ethex is celebrating passing the £49 million mark of investment raised on the platform for over 50 social businesses, charities and community organisations. Not bad in for a small not-for-profit!


How does Oikocredit combine your investment goals with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals?

24 October 2016

There were 17 Global Goals approved by the UN Sustainable Development Summit in 2015. They are a blueprint for changing the world by 2030, and Oikocredit’s investment vehicle targets 16 out of 17 of them.


Our events programme to showcase the results of our survey on understanding the positive investor

17 October 2016

Over the next month, Jamie Hartzell, founder and chair of Ethex, will discuss the findings of our landmark survey on understanding the positive investor at a series of events across the UK. There will be useful insights for social businesses looking to raise investment and for organisations that are part of the positive investment marketplace.


BHESCo: True ambassadors of community energy

20 September 2016

As true ambassadors of community energy and cooperative principles, BHESCo believes that eradicating fuel poverty is just as important as creating renewable energy, and for this reason they do what they can to make sure everyone in Brighton and Hove is able to heat and power their homes adequately.


Oikocredit’s investment in renewables is changing lives

01 August 2016

Much needed financing from social investor Oikocredit, now listing on Ethex, is helping communities in Africa, Latin America, India and Papua New Guinea harness the available power of the sun.


Saving Lives with Solar

25 July 2016

South Staffordshire Community Energy (SSCE) have launched a new share offer in partnership with a University Hospitals of North Midlands and the national charity Beat the Cold that will see solar panels improving the welfare of local residents living in fuel poverty.


Ethical Consumer’s personal finance guide to carbon divestment

19 July 2016

The global carbon divestment campaign has been incredibly successful in getting a wide range of institutions from pension funds to universities to dump $3 trillion-worth of shares in carbon-intensive industries around the world.


Oikocredit finds that social investment in women creates huge social and financial outcomes

12 July 2016

Oikocredit has a track record of more than 40 years as a leading social investor and now reaches over 46 million people through its microfinance partners: 86% of these are women, 51% live in rural areas, and 28% are involved in agriculture.



Assessing the financial impact of Brexit

01 July 2016

The UK’s vote to leave the EU at the end of last week has ushered in an era of political and financial uncertainty


Help us to carry out landmark study on positive investment

13 June 2016

Ethex are running a landmark study “Understanding the positive investor” with IFF Research and the Social Investment Research Council (SIRC) on attitudes and experiences on positive investing and saving.

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