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A very special female brand of Brazilian organic Fairtrade coffee

16 February 2018

In rural Minas Gerais, Brazil’s biggest coffee-growing state, women used to support their husbands on small family farms but had little involvement or say in the business or farming decisions. This changed forever in 2006, when Oikocredit investee partner, Coopfam (Cooperativa dos Agricultores Familiares de Poço Fundo e Região) - a smallholder coffee co-operative, started to focus on empowering women to play an equal role in producing the Arabica coffee that had been a part of their lives for decades.


£4.4m for a social purpose bond? Not a problem for Ethex investors motivated to address fuel poverty!

19 January 2018

 Josh Brewer is the Senior Business Development Manager at Ethex, in this blog he discusses how Ethex was able to successfully deliver the largest single raise in its history for Our Power.


The Absolute Bog: DEFRA's 25 year environment plan

19 January 2018

Tom Carman recently attended the Oxford Real Farming Conference to test the appetite for positive investment in to food and farming enterprises.  His blog looks at the role economics, tea towels, peat bogs and enterprise might have for this important sector.


Big Society and Social Investment Tax Relief

05 December 2017


Investment in smallholder farmers is key to reducing poverty and feeding the world

05 December 2017


A budget that delivered some progress on the social agenda but could have delivered so much more

22 November 2017


Ethex calls for Autumn 2017 Budget to Widen Accessibility to Social Investments for Retail Investors

21 November 2017


New social impact investment report is an opportunity for the industry

15 November 2017


Celebration, collaboration and awards

02 November 2017


What type of investor are you?

09 October 2017


How to make your money do good?

06 October 2017

Many people today are aware of the social and environmental impact of their actions, be it purchases, food choices, energy, transport and fuel use – even fashion. More and more people are moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle and are making choices to reflect their beliefs and values.


UK crowd has potential to play a critical role in helping 110,000 families in Sub-Saharan Africa secure vital access to clean and affordable solar energy

05 October 2017

Two of Europe’s leading online impact investing platforms Lendahand and Ethex with support from UK aid and Virgin Unite have launched Energise Africa – putting life changing solar home systems within the financial reach of rural families

Do Foxes eat chlorinated chickens? Food policy in Brexit Britain.

05 September 2017

Tom Carman recently joined Ethex having spent a career in the progressive food movement. His blog looks at the role that positive investing has played in making structural changes to an important, but often invisible part of our lives – food systems and how it can continue to play an important role in a post Brexit world.

Oikocredit: Pay-as-you-go solar lighting up the lives of Ghana’s micro-entrepreneurs

29 August 2017

Demand for electricity in Ghana is ever-growing but the grid can be unreliable. Renewable energy providers such as PEG are helping fill the gaps


Solar Energy - Changing Lives in Uganda

02 August 2017

It's not until you witness things first hand that you truly get to understand the full impact that solar energy is having of the lives of people. Some of the Ethex team were lucky enough to visit familes, businesses, schools and health centres in Uganda, ahead of the launch of Energise Africa and document the transformational effect that solar energy is having on the ground there.

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