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Solar Energy - Changing Lives in Uganda

02 August 2017

It's not until you witness things first hand that you truly get to understand the full impact that solar energy is having of the lives of people. Some of the Ethex team were lucky enough to visit familes, businesses, schools and health centres in Uganda, ahead of the launch of Energise Africa and document the transformational effect that solar energy is having on the ground there.


The tea estates being revitalised in the mountains of Darjeeling

02 August 2017

 Oikocredit's Monica Middleton looks at how in northern India, the Ambootia Tea Group (DOTEPL) is using social impact investment to boost financial security and improve the livelihoods of its employees.


Creating a STIR in Wolverton

31 May 2017

The latest blog from Ethex looks at how Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) is supporting Future Wolverton's efforts to transform a heritage building for use as a guest house, community space and café run by students with learning disabilities


Instilling Gender Equality from Primary School to Adulthood

25 May 2017

For many of the poorest people in Egypt, life can be tough. With a population of 95 million, Egypt is one of the fastest growing and most densely populated countries in the world. Competition for jobs and resources runs high. People with lower levels of education and skill face tremendous obstacles to employment, improving their living standards, and lifting themselves out of poverty.


Considerations when looking to build a portfolio of positive investments

27 April 2017

There are lots of different reasons why people are increasingly looking to save and invest ethically or positively. For anyone looking to build a portfolio of positive investments, Ethex lays out a number of considerations for investors to think about when looking to build a portfolio of positive investments.


How investing in small scale sustainable farming is critical for the UK in a post Brexit world

25 April 2017

As the UK moves towards the EU exit door this provides an ideal opportunity for the farming sector to fundamentally make changes for the better. This blog looks at how the Ecological Land Cooperative is supporting the growth of ecological agriculture.


Building economic empowerment and resilience in rural Philippines

06 April 2017

One in four of the world’s poorest people live in rural areas, often relying on a few staple crops to meet their daily needs and generate a small income. But the destruction of small harvests from extreme weather patterns, combined with limited access to loans and technical support, make it difficult for these communities to grow their smallholdings and attain the sort of economic empowerment they need to build a steady path out of poverty. Find out how Oikocredit are providing support in one rural community in the Philippines.


Investing in organisations via the Secondary Market

28 March 2017

Many of you will be familiar with our primary investment offers but did you know that Ethex also runs a secondary market? This secondary market provides you with another opportunity to become an investor in a number of fantastic businesses. So how does it work?


How to make sure your ISA does good in 2017

23 March 2017

It’s almost the end of the tax year and I’m sure that many of you have seen the plethora of ads promoting a variety of different ISA products. With this much choice on offer how do you make the right decision and are you being provided with all the information you need to make the best choice for you?


#solartaxhike, schools and the spring budget

14 March 2017

 Ethex's latest blog looks at the implications of the #solartaxhike for schools in the recent spring budget


In celebration of International Women's Day and the potency of investing to support gender equality

08 March 2017

Caroline Mulwa, Oikocredit Kenya Country Manager discusses the important role that women play in African society providing 70% of agricultural labour, 90% of food production but yet they own less than 2% of the land. Yet women have a significant, measurable, positive impact on small business ventures, local communities and families. Find out how Oikocredit is lending to social enterprises that support women.


Inspiring children to protect the planet through solar power

07 March 2017

This blog examines the ways in which children can be educated, inspired and empowered through the installation of solar power at their schools to become much more aware of environmental issues and the need to protect the planet that we all live on.

Find out how Solar for Schools are working with schools in England and Wales to access and benefit from clean, renewable solar energy, reducing energy costs and, critically, empowering hundreds of students to learn more about their environment and understand how they can act more sustainably to safeguard the planet for years to come.


Creating sustainable farming communities in the Egyptian desert

02 March 2017

Over the decades, much of the previously lush, fertile land surrounding the river Nile has been destroyed by urban expansion or overtaken by desert tundra. The small canals which feed into the Nile overflow with rubbish and sewage, damaging the local ecosystem and irrigation of small parcels of land used by smallholder farmers. For local communities who have lived off the land for centuries, these inputs render the environment unhealthy and the soil useless for generating subsistence crops and a modest income. Oikocredit looks at how loans provided to SEKEM have supported desert land reclamation and sustainable agriculture in the region.


Oikocredit: Social and environmental outcomes from an on-the-ground perspective

01 February 2017

The Philippines is the world’s third highest risk area for natural disasters. Frequent typhoons and cyclones bring excessive rain and wind, threatening the livelihoods of around 60% of the poorest groups who tend to live in rural communities and must also contend with rising sea levels, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Growing and developing our team

24 January 2017

 I’m proud of the talented and experienced team we have at Ethex, helping our listed businesses bring their fundraising projects to fruition and guiding our positive investors along their journey too. As we’ve been expanding, we’ve welcomed some new faces bringing new skills to strengthen the team, as well as nurturing our existing staff.

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