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What type of investor are you?

09 October 2017


How to make your money do good?

06 October 2017

Many people today are aware of the social and environmental impact of their actions, be it purchases, food choices, energy, transport and fuel use – even fashion. More and more people are moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle and are making choices to reflect their beliefs and values.


UK crowd has potential to play a critical role in helping 110,000 families in Sub-Saharan Africa secure vital access to clean and affordable solar energy

05 October 2017

Two of Europe’s leading online impact investing platforms Lendahand and Ethex with support from UK aid and Virgin Unite have launched Energise Africa – putting life changing solar home systems within the financial reach of rural families

Do Foxes eat chlorinated chickens? Food policy in Brexit Britain.

05 September 2017

Tom Carman recently joined Ethex having spent a career in the progressive food movement. His blog looks at the role that positive investing has played in making structural changes to an important, but often invisible part of our lives – food systems and how it can continue to play an important role in a post Brexit world.

Oikocredit: Pay-as-you-go solar lighting up the lives of Ghana’s micro-entrepreneurs

29 August 2017

Demand for electricity in Ghana is ever-growing but the grid can be unreliable. Renewable energy providers such as PEG are helping fill the gaps


Solar Energy - Changing Lives in Uganda

02 August 2017

It's not until you witness things first hand that you truly get to understand the full impact that solar energy is having of the lives of people. Some of the Ethex team were lucky enough to visit familes, businesses, schools and health centres in Uganda, ahead of the launch of Energise Africa and document the transformational effect that solar energy is having on the ground there.


The tea estates being revitalised in the mountains of Darjeeling

02 August 2017

 Oikocredit's Monica Middleton looks at how in northern India, the Ambootia Tea Group (DOTEPL) is using social impact investment to boost financial security and improve the livelihoods of its employees.


Creating a STIR in Wolverton

31 May 2017

The latest blog from Ethex looks at how Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) is supporting Future Wolverton's efforts to transform a heritage building for use as a guest house, community space and café run by students with learning disabilities


Instilling Gender Equality from Primary School to Adulthood

25 May 2017

For many of the poorest people in Egypt, life can be tough. With a population of 95 million, Egypt is one of the fastest growing and most densely populated countries in the world. Competition for jobs and resources runs high. People with lower levels of education and skill face tremendous obstacles to employment, improving their living standards, and lifting themselves out of poverty.


Considerations when looking to build a portfolio of positive investments

27 April 2017

There are lots of different reasons why people are increasingly looking to save and invest ethically or positively. For anyone looking to build a portfolio of positive investments, Ethex lays out a number of considerations for investors to think about when looking to build a portfolio of positive investments.


How investing in small scale sustainable farming is critical for the UK in a post Brexit world

25 April 2017

As the UK moves towards the EU exit door this provides an ideal opportunity for the farming sector to fundamentally make changes for the better. This blog looks at how the Ecological Land Cooperative is supporting the growth of ecological agriculture.


Building economic empowerment and resilience in rural Philippines

06 April 2017

One in four of the world’s poorest people live in rural areas, often relying on a few staple crops to meet their daily needs and generate a small income. But the destruction of small harvests from extreme weather patterns, combined with limited access to loans and technical support, make it difficult for these communities to grow their smallholdings and attain the sort of economic empowerment they need to build a steady path out of poverty. Find out how Oikocredit are providing support in one rural community in the Philippines.


Investing in organisations via the Secondary Market

28 March 2017

Many of you will be familiar with our primary investment offers but did you know that Ethex also runs a secondary market? This secondary market provides you with another opportunity to become an investor in a number of fantastic businesses. So how does it work?


How to make sure your ISA does good in 2017

23 March 2017

It’s almost the end of the tax year and I’m sure that many of you have seen the plethora of ads promoting a variety of different ISA products. With this much choice on offer how do you make the right decision and are you being provided with all the information you need to make the best choice for you?


#solartaxhike, schools and the spring budget

14 March 2017

 Ethex's latest blog looks at the implications of the #solartaxhike for schools in the recent spring budget

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