Oikocredit International Share Foundation

From organic agriculture that reclaims land in the Egyptian desert; to solar lamps that bring affordable lighting to remote Indian villages, Oikocredit has a 40-year track record as a leading worldwide social impact investor.

Oikocredit what they do

What they do

In 2015, Oikocredit reached 46 million people across 69 countries with vital finance, education and training through its fair-trade, co-operative, social enterprise and microfinance partners. The areas in which Oikocredit focus their investment activities span inclusive finance (including microfinance), agriculture (including fair trade and organic), and renewable energy (including off-grid). Read more

Financial performance

In 2016 Oikocredit's achieved good results or exceeded all outflow and inflow target levels. One equity sale generated a sizeable profit that will be used to invest in Oikocredit as well as in partners. Overall development financing portfolio growth exceeded expectations and the outstanding portfolio surpassed the € 1 billion mark.


(Change on last year)



Net profit after addition from reserves

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Social performance

The Oikocredit co-operative is guided by the principle of empowering low-income communities in Africa, Asia, LatAm and Central & Eastern Europe. It believes that the most effective, sustainable means of assisting those in need is by providing them with an opportunity to build their own paths out of poverty through the instrument of investment.

  • Key social performance indicator


    Development finance outstanding (2016).

    Oikocredit works with partners to implement industry tools to monitor indicators of social performance.

Governance and people

Who benefits

Over 46 million people worldwide have been offered financial and other support to start their own businesses; educate their children; sustain their communities; and, ultimately, to lift themselves out of poverty.

  • Coopecan cooperative

    Coopecan cooperative

    COOPECAN is a co-op that promotes the wellbeing and integral development of farmers raising South American camels. It has the bargaining power to secure fairer prices in a market that is typically dominated by large companies who are inclined to pay very little

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