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We provide an important route to market for social impact businesses, charities and community organisations wanting to raise capital to achieve their goals.

Managing your share or bond offer online

Launching a share or bond offer can seem daunting, especially if you are busy running the day-to-day activities of your company or you are a group of volunteers who probably have other jobs. We’ve got loads of experience, we know the potential pitfalls and how to make things fly, and we’ll work with you to make your offer as straightforward and successful as it can be.

Ethex provides a full share and bond offer handling service and has undertaken offers ranging from £100,000 to £3 million. We are used to dealing with offers with a high volume of orders. Our platform infrastructure is stable and secure and we regularly handle offers with minimum order sizes of £50, resulting in a large number of investors, commonly over 1,000 per offer.

Getting your offer document and profile right is critical – we will help with due diligence and work with you on presenting the key information in the most effective way to ensure your offer is successful.

Our service includes:

  • Application processing for both online and paper applications.
  • Payment processing through cheques and bank transfers.
  • Providing secure client accounts, meaning your investors’ money is held in a dedicated account and is legally protected
  • Anti-money laundering checks as standard, to verify the identity of individual and organisation applicants.
  • If required, management of the investor categorisation and appropriateness process through our online questionnaire and back office services.
  • Fully serviced helpline for people who need help investing or navigating the website to ensure the investor journey is trusted, informed and efficient.
  • Weekly ‘intelligent’ reporting on the progress of your offer

We’ll work closely with your marketing team to promote a successful campaign, providing you with a marketing ’starter pack” and weekly reports to keep you on track and to help you target the right investor demographic.. You’ll get access to our highly motivated community of positive investors: we’ve got 10,000 registered users; our e-newsletter reaches over 5,000 people and has twice the industry-standard open rate; and over 5,000 people follow us on Twitter.

We will manage all orders received and make sure they are paid for and the money is in the bank..
At the end of the share or bond offer, we’ll deal with all the admin – carrying out a full reconciliation on your orders and creating your investor list with all the details required by a registrar to allocate your certificates. We can act as your registrars too – please see below. We will also send you a full summary report of your offer.

Registrar and company secretary services

The positive investor journey doesn’t end with the initial investment but is likely to continue for many years. As your social business grows, managing your investors can become complex, with intricate legal and administrative requirements. Mistakes can be expensive. It is often easier, safer and cheaper to contract the service out. But the market is dominated by a handful of large corporations who don’t understand the very different needs of ethical organisations.

We think we can do it better. Ethex has partnered with the Registry Trust – another not-for-profit organisation with 25 years’ experience in managing data and registers about individuals on behalf of the Ministry of Justice – to offer a complete registrar and company secretarial service. We’ll keep a full online record of your investors and their holdings, fully integrated with our share trading and new capital services, so your share or bond register is always bang up to date.

We’ll also manage annual dividend, interest and redemption payments; make sure you are meeting Companies House or CIC regulator requirements; and deal with all your shareholder communications and proxy votes if needed.

Secondary market service

If your business has already issued investments such as tradeable shares or bonds, Ethex provides an ethical and transparent marketplace for trading them. We make sure that investors who want to realise their investment can do so, and that there are new investors coming in to replace them.

If your investment is transferable, we post offers to buy and sell on a ‘matched bargain’ basis and will match the trade, complete the paperwork for settlement and pass on the details to your registrars or hold them ourselves if you choose our registrar service too.

Managing investor voting and annual general meetings

Maintaining good investor relations is critical, and we can help with this through a range of investor management services. We can also provide full support to your board of directors. To find out more, please get in contact.

Westmill Solar Co-operative was the first large community- owned solar farm in the country. It has just over 1,600 members, raised £4.8m equity and has £12m bond finance in place. The 4.8MW asset is managed by OST Energy with Ethex providing the co-operative management services.


We provide a straightforward pricing structure which allows you to pick and choose which services you need. As we are a not-for-profit organisation we aim to keep our fees as low as possible. Contact us for further information on how we can help your positive business grow and succeed.

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