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Ordinary shares


Investment product details

Buying transferable shares in Cafédirect puts your money at the heart of the business, giving you a stake in its ownership and the right to a dividend.

Transferable shares can only be bought when a party that already owns some is willing to sell them, or when the business does a new share issue. Currently, CafeDirect shares are only available to purchase from existing holders via the Bulletin Board, subject to availability.

Transferable shares can be sold on to third parties - provided willing buyers can be found. They also vary in value, subject to the price that buyers and sellers want to buy and sell at. Shares can be sold via the Bulletin Board.

You can find a guide to the process of buying and selling shares on the bulletin board here.

Financial return

Dividends policy

To date, Cafédirect has re-invested over 50% of its profits in strengthening smallholder growers’ businesses and its business model ensures that at least one third of its future profits will continue to be allocated for this purpose.

Cafédirect will declare dividends if the remaining profitability of the company warrants it and the directors decide to do so bearing in mind the future needs of the Company and other factors they consider to be relevant at the time of their decision. Otherwise profits will be retained in the business to fund future plans and growth.

Historic dividends

Cafédirect last paid a dividend in 2009.

Date paid Amount Financial return
2019 0 pence 0%
2018 0 pence 0%
2017 0 pence 0%
2016 0 pence 0%
2015 0 pence 0%
2014 0 pence 0%
2013 0 pence 0%
2012 0 pence 0%
2011 0 pence 0%
2010 0 pence 0%
2009 2 pence 2%
2008 0 pence 0%
2007 0 pence 0%
2006 2 pence 2%

Investments made on Ethex don’t just offer the prospect of a financial return. We analyse and report on the ‘social performance’ of each investment, to reveal the ‘social return’ your money delivers. Read more

Social return
In 2019, Cafédirect purchased 1,512 tonnes of raw commodities from developing country producers, the vast majority of which were from smallholder-owned organisations. Read more

How dividends are paid

Dividends are paid in December to shareholders registered at the time of the November Annual General Meeting. They are automatically paid to your nominated bank account by BACS.

Why invest in Cafédirect?

Cafédirect is the UK’s largest 100% Fairtrade hot drinks company, selling a wide range of products that are sourced directly from growers.

Cafédirect has supported growers’ businesses and communities with a total of over £16 million in fair trade purchases.
Cafédirect has supported growers’ businesses and communities with a total of over £16 million in fair trade purchases.

Read more

Minimum investment amount

Cafédirect have a minimum share holding of 300 shares. The minimum investment amount will therefore vary, subject to the price at which shares are being bought and sold.

Maximum investment amount


Fees payable to purchase this product

£20 administration fee per transaction

Statutory charges

Investments of £1,000 or more will incur stamp duty of 0.5%

Getting your money back

You can only get back the money you invest in these shares by finding someone else that is willing to buy them at the price you want to sell them at.

Selling your shares

Ethex provides a Bulletin Board service to allow those looking to buy and sell shares to get in direct contact in order to agree a trade, but the provision of this service does not guarantee that you will be able to buy or sell shares, nor the price at which you may be able to do so.

If you wish to sell your shares you we display any interest from buyers on the Bulletin board tab, or you can list your shares for sale via the 'Trade Online' button towards the top of the page.

How secure is your money?

Buying shares in Cafédirect makes you a part-owner of the business. This means that you receive a share of any profits paid out as dividends, and your shares can go up in value if the business goes well. However, if the business does not make profits you will receive no financial return and your investment may also go down in value.

Keeping track of your investment

The details of your investment are recorded on your share certificate and by the company's registrars.

The company sends out a full annual report and social audit once a year together with an invitation to the annual general meeting.

Tax considerations

Dividends are paid annually, it is your responsibility to pay any tax due on these. You may also receive inheritance tax relief on these shares if they form part of your estate.

Voting rights

This investment entitles you to one vote in Cafédirect for each share you buy.


If you are not based in the UK you must meet Ethex's criteria on overseas investors.

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