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Energise Africa

Energise Africa Products

Investing through Energise Africa helps to fund the solar revolution in sub-Saharan Africa, enabling more people to access clean and reliable solar energy, and accelerating progress towards the UN’s Social Development Goal (SDG) 7: access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

With only 10 years left to achieve SDG 7 there is a huge amount of work which needs to be done. Based on current investment levels the UN predicts that SDG 7 will only be achieved in 2080 – some 50 years too late!

In sub-Saharan Africa, currently over 600 million people have no access to grid electricity. So far, investors in Energise Africa have helped over 358,000 get solar access and rid themselves of reliance on kerosene, which, in turn has prevented 78,000 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere each year.

Financial return

 Energise Africa projects are aiming to generate a 4 - 6 % annual return for investors.

How interest is paid

The interest on bond investments is paid semi-annually into your Energise Africa wallet that you can access by logging into yur acount.

Minimum investment amount


Maximum investment amount

No maximum


An outline of the high level risks of these investments are listed on the Risks tab. The full information on risks associated with investing in Energise Africa projects can be found in the offer documents for each projects. This can be found on the Energise Africa website on the individual project page.

Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA)

You can invest into these products using an Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA). Any investment held in an Innovative Finance ISA is not subject to Income Tax.


All taxes required by law to be deducted or withheld by the Issuer from any amounts paid or payable under the Notes shall be paid by the Issuer

How secure is your money?

Energise Africa products are unsecured and are a direct loan to a company (rather than lending to a financial institution) and therefore it is recommended that you do not invest any more than you can afford to lose. Your investment is not covered by any deposit guarantee scheme. Before investing you must read the offer document where a full statement of risks is presented.

Getting your money back

Every six months, you will receive both interest and a capital repayment from your chosen business. The projected repayment schedule can be found in the Offer Document on the Energise Africa website.

The ability of the Bond Issuer to pay interest on your investment and make a full return of capital is dependent on the continued success of their business model. You should familiarise yourself with all risks outlined in the risks tab and in the relevant offer document for any project you wish to invest in. You should never invest more than you can afford to lose and you should never invest money you have borrowed.

Voting rights

An investment does not give you any voting rights in the project.


Investors must be over 18.

United States and Canada residents are not able to invest.

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Why choose Energise Africa?

  • Create new opportunities for African families
  • Help fight climate change
  • Earn potential returns of up to 6%
  • Support the achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goal 7

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