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Brighton & Hove CLT

BHCLT Share Offer

£250 minimum

Brighton & Hove Community Land Trust (BHCLT) wants to put housing development back in the hands of the people who need it. They want to develop creative, sustainable and affordable alternatives in a place that has become inaccessible for too many people. They are issuing community shares to raise capital that will enable them to purchase land and property, which will be leased to their member community-led housing groups.

Investment is in Community Shares which are targeting a 3% interest, accruing 3 years after the close of the offer, and can be withdrawn after three years.

As with shares in companies, community shares are a form of risk capital. They are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, so if the enterprise fails, investors can lose some or all of their money.

Minimum raise for offer to proceed


Financial return

Expected 3% annually, from two years after close of share offer.

Interest will start to accrue on the second anniversary of the close of the share offer. The first interest payments will be made on 31st August 2023. If BHCLT extend the share offer close date, they will still honour this payment date for early investors.

Social return

BHCLT's model will enable them to invest in future projects to create homes that are secure and of community benefit forever. By investing in this share offer, you help BHCLT to achieve this change, to make housing fairer in Brighton and to play a part in transforming the national housing supply to better suit the needs of people, communities and the planet.

Minimum investment amount

£250 for individuals

£1000 for societies/organisations

(Price of each share is £50)

Maximum investment amount

Maximum investment for individuals: £100,000

Maximum investment for organisations that are not registered societies: £100,000

Maximum investment for registered societies: unlimited

(Price of each share is £50)

Getting invested money back

Shares cannot be withdrawn for the first three years (from the share offer close date) to ensure BHCLT have enough time and resources to develop the schemes. After this, you can request withdrawal with 3 months’ notice to the directors. Please note BHCLT intend to make 5% of capital available to cover share withdrawals annually from year 3 and therefore applications in excess of this level cannot be guaranteed.

How secure is invested money?

BHCLT have been prudent in their financial planning and will only use the capital that people have invested if they are confident schemes will come to fruition. However, like many investments, the shares are at risk and you could lose some or all the money you invest.

Community shares are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and there is no right of complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. If you are considering investing a significant amount of money, BHCLT suggest that you seek independent financial advice from a suitable advisor with knowledge of social investments.

Keeping track of your investment

Everybody who invests with BHCLT will receive a community share certificate. You will also receive an annual statement on your account, along with an update of what BHCLT have managed to achieve with the support of your investment.

Nomination and Inheritance Tax

In the event of the death of a member, the repaid value of the shares will normally be added to the estate for probate purposes. You may elect to nominate a recipient for the value of the shares (but only up to the amount set out in law) and thus (under current legislation) remove the value of the shares (up to the amount set out in law) from your estate for probate purposes i.e. the shares may pass to the nominee outside the Will of the deceased. The nominated property will nevertheless form part of the deceased’s estate for Inheritance Tax purposes, unless the estate is an excepted estate.

Who can invest

Any individual over the age of 16, or organisation, who support the aims of BHCLT, can invest in BHCLT's share offer.

Applied for to date, of
£385,000 target

BHCLT is seeking between £385,000 and £1,585,000

  • £385,000
  • £785,000
  • £1,585,000

Once each milestone is reached the totaliser will be advanced to the next one. Help BHCLT meet their first investment milestone.

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