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Ecological Land Cooperative

2020 Share Offer - OFFER CLOSED

£500 minimum

Investments into The Ecological Land Cooperative's secure, affordable, ecological small farms create opportunities for low-impact livelihoods and improve the resilience of communities through local food production.

Investment is in Community Shares which are targeting a 3% interest, accruing from the close of the offer, and can be withdrawn on application to the Board.

This Share Offer is exempt from the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, or subsidiary regulations. This means you have no right of complaint to an ombudsman. The cooperative is registered with, but not authorised by, the Financial Conduct Authority and therefore the money you pay for your shares is not safeguarded by any depositor protection scheme or dispute resolution scheme.


Financial return

The cooperative anticipates paying interest on shares at 3% (or a lower rate if selected by the investor); however, a return on your investment is not guaranteed and this should be regarded primarily as a social, rather than a financial investment.

In the first year this will mean a pro rata payment covering the period from the allocation date up to 31st December, when the interest payment will be made.

Payment of interest and capital is not guaranteed and is dependent on the continued success of the Ecological Land Cooperative's business model.

Social return

The Ecological Land Cooperative provides ecologically managed, off grid, low impact small farms ready for new farmers to produce good, healthy food for local markets.

Minimum investment amount


Maximum investment amount


Minimum raise for offer to proceed


Getting invested money back

Shares are withdrawable upon application to the Board. They are not transferable (except on death or bankruptcy), so the value of shares is not subject to speculation and the shares remain at their paid- up value (i.e. £1 each, which is the purchase price). The Board of Directors has the authority, in exceptional circumstances, to write down the value of shares in order to protect the financial stability of the cooperative.

Investors are encouraged to view shares purchased as a long term investment of three years or more. The Board will limit total withdrawals in any one year to a maximum of 10% of the total share capital held by the cooperative. Following the closure of this Share Offer, ELC will establish a waiting list of prospective investors.

ELC will always seek to facilitate withdrawals within 6 months of any request, but please note that all withdrawals are at the Board’s discretion, and the right to withdraw may be suspended by the Board at any time.

You cannot sell your shares, except back to the cooperative itself, which requires giving three months notice of your wish to withdraw your investment to the Board. Your withdrawal will be subject to the conditions outlined above.

How secure is invested money?

Payment of interest and capital is not guaranteed and is dependent on the continued success of the Ecological Land Cooperative's business model.

This investment is not covered by any government compensation scheme.

Keeping track of your investment

The details of your investment are recorded on your share certificate and by the Society.

Share certificates are issued directly by the Society, not by Ethex.

Tax considerations

Prospective members are advised to seek independent tax advice if they wish to benefit from Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax Relief.


This investment is available to persons aged over 16 and to organisations. Investors can also choose to hold shares on behalf of children; they may also nominate a person to whom they wish their shares to be transferred on their death, up to a value of £5,000.

Provisions on death of a Member

There is no preferential position for withdrawals for the estate of a deceased member.

Offer Closed

 As of 14th May 2020 this offer is closed.

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