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Triodos Pioneer Impact Fund

Triodos Pioneer Impact Fund

Investment product details

 The Triodos Sustainable Pioneer Fund identifies companies that are active in the field of sustainability using 7 themes:

  • Sustainable food and agriculture
  • Sustainable mobility and infrastructure
  • Renewable resources
  • Circular economy
  • Prosperous and healthy people
  • Innovation for sustainability
  • Social inclusion and empowerment

Each company selected for investment is tracked against the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals. The UN Sustainable Development goals are a set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all as part of the sustainable development agenda.


Share Class

The Sustainable Pioneer Fund share classes being offered to UK investors are sterling share classes in GBP. The KR-cap or capitalisation (income generated is reinvested into the fund) and KR-dis or distribution (income generated is transferred to your account.)

Financial return

Performance to Date, £

In October 2018 the Fund's average annual return over the previous 5 years was 13.1% on the net asset value (this includes reinvestment of dividends, excluding initial purchase costs).

A dividend of 3p per share was paid in 2017.


Dividends policy

The fund intends to pay a dividend at least once a year. When you buy into the fund, you can opt to receive a dividend on your shares (KR-dis) or choose to automatically reinvest the dividends in the fund (KR-cap).

Historic dividends

If sufficient net income is generated by the fund, these share classes pay an annual dividend to its shareholders.

How dividends are paid

Dividends are paid after approval at the annual general meeting which is held annually on the third Wednesday of April.

Why invest in Triodos Sustainable Pioneer fund?

The fund invests in over 40 different companies with sustainability at the core of what they do

Triodos collaborates to achieve a sustainable future

We can’t achieve a more sustainable future alone, so Triodos collaborates with the companies it screens and invests in to promote and encourage sustainable practices. Triodos uses the voting rights associated with its shareholdings to ensure that decisions around financial profit are never made at the expense of people or planet.

Minimum initial investment amount


Maximum investment amount


Fees payable to purchase this product

The initial charge is 0.5%, collected from the amount invested in the fund.

There is an annual service charge of 0.4% per year, charged monthly.

The ongoing charge is 1.27% (Including 0.95% management charge)

Fund management charges

All funds make charges for fund management and other costs. These are deducted from your return. The data on charges shown above is that provided by Triodos Bank.

Ongoing charges are variable and are reported on in the Annual and Semi Annual reports on the Triodos Website. The fees shown above are the reported fees for the year 2018.

Getting your money back

You can get your money back at any time by writing to Triodos Bank. The amount you will receive will be based on the share price at the next valuation day after receipt of your instruction. It will be transferred to your nominated bank account within five business days of the sale. You cannot hold a balance of the fund of less than £500.

How secure is your money?

 The performance of your investment is dependent on the performance of the companies in which the fund invests, and the management charges levied by Triodos Bank. You receive a share of any profits paid out as dividends (depending on the share class), and your investment can go up in value if the business goes well. However, if the fund does not make profits you may not receive a dividend and your investment may go down in value.

This investment is not covered by any government compensation scheme.

Keeping track of your investment

You will be able to view your fund investment through Triodos's internet banking system.

Voting rights

Investment in the Sustainable Pioneer fund gives you voting rights in the main fund according to the size of the investment you hold.


 This product is only available to UK residents.

Invest in the Triodos Sustainable Pioneer Fund

To invest in the Triodos Sustainable Pioneer Fund, go to the Triodos website

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