Resilient Energy Alvington Court Renewables

Who benefits

The Society's purpose is to help create community resilience by supporting local community resilience initiatives, especially those that alleviate fuel poverty for low-income residents through the deployment of community-owned generating capacity.

Renewable energy generation

The projected annual output is expected to be 1,550MWh.

The project will generate clean electricity which will help to avoid more carbon intensive fossil fuels. It will also form part of the developing community energy sector in the UK.

The Community

The provision of significant local community benefits is central to REACR's vision, they intend to invest surplus from the operation of the wind turbine as a two tier scheme.

Community Fund

Firstly 4% of gross revenue will be donated to a self-selected Community panel drawn from the local Alvington/Aylburton parish. This panel will have the remit to distribute funds averaging ~£15,000 - £20,000/year which aims to be approximately £500,000 over the course of the project. This fund will enable projects that deliver Community Resilience within the immediate local community of Alvington/ Aylburton.

Rolling Fund

A second tier scheme will be administered by the Directors of the Society who will choose projects assessed by The Resilience Centre with the aim to use remaining surplus to create a Seed fund for both similar schemes and consider more strategic projects that deliver clear community Resilience and social benefit. This rolling fund is estimated to be a minimum of £500,000.

Future projects will be identified and assessed for investment by the board, and The Resilience Centre Ltd (the Manager) prior to any funding.

The Society's members

The Society aims to attract investment from both the Forest and Dean area and from further afield. Investors will become members of the society and so will be able to actively participate in contributing to the development of a major community energy project.

Members will receive an annual return and will have a say in how the company is managed, how much money is contributed to the local community fund and can stand for election as directors.

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