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Resilient Energy Mounteneys Renewables Limited

Social performance

Please note that this information is no longer updated and is for reference purposes only.

A Community Benefit Society acts for the benefit of the community. The Society aspires to remove 200 homes from fuel poverty by reducing energy bills by 25% equivalent to reductions of up to £32,000/year.

A community benefit society operates under the rule of one member, one vote no matter how many shares are owned. In addition the Rules also prevent the sale of assets to commercial organisations.

Key Social Performance Indicators (KSPIs)

KSPIs are a measure of how the business is performing on delivering its main social or environmental purpose. Read more

KSPI 1 - Carbon Dioxide Reduced

The two REMR turbines are projected (by Digital Engineering Ltd) to deliver 2,850 MW hours of electricity per annum, leading to a reduction of around 1,344 tonnes of carbon dioxide per annum.

KSPI 2 - Community Fund

A community fund will be set up into which 4% of gross revenue will be donated. This fund will be managed by a self-selected Community panel, drawn from the local community. This panel will have the remit to distribute funds ofapproximately £408,500 for each turbine to projects that deliver Community Resilience within the Kingswood, Hillesley, Wickwar area and environs (postcodes GL12 andsome areas of GL9).

KSPI 3 - Rolling fund

Additional surplus generated by the Society will be used to create a rolling fund estimated to be at least £1,000,000 to support wider community initiatives some of which will be targeted at alleviating fuel poverty by reducing energy bills and creating local jobs. In addition the fund may be used to seed-fund similar schemes, and/or more strategic projects that deliver clear community resilience and social benefit (e.g. by addressing fuel poverty).

Common environmental performance indicators (CEPIs)

CEPIs are environmental performance indicators that are common to all businesses, no matter what their main business activity is. Read more

Carbon emissions

The carbon savings from this project are estimated to be 1,344 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Staff travel to work

REACR will have no direct employees as The Resilience Centre will be delivering all management activities.

All Resilience Centre staff travel will be via our Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicle recharged from a 100% renewables tariff or directly at the wind turbine when visiting! See here for more details.

Waste and recycling

REMR does not currently report on waste and recycling.

Common Social Performance Indicators (CSPIs)

CSPIs are social performance indicators that are common to all businesses, no matter what their main business activity is. Read more

Community investment

Please see above KPSI 2 & 3.

Ethical procurement

The Society does not currently report on ethical procurement but looks to uphold the ethical values set out for Society Members of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others.

Local employment

The Society will appoint an experienced project manager to provide additional expertise as needed throughout the construction phase. As far as possible, the Society will work with local contractors, particularly for the civil engineering elements of this next phase, provided they have the relevant experience and skills.

It is also hoped that the projects will directly create at least 6 low-carbon jobs in the local area.

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