Meadow Blue Community Energy

MBCE Share Offer

£500 minimum

Please note that this offer is now closed (as of midnight on the 24th of November). This information is no longer updated and is for reference purposes only.

Risk factors

All investment and commercial activities carry risk, and investors should consider whether MBCE is a suitable investment for them in light of their own personal circumstances.

Supporting the community purpose of MBCE should be the primary motivation for investment, and investment in the Society should be seen as a long-term social and environmental investment.

An investment in MBCE is an investment in a trading business and is not a loan or deposit.

Risks associated with your investment

  • This investment is not suitable for those who require a guaranteed income or ready access to capital.
  • Interest payments are not guaranteed.
  • Descriptions of possible returns are illustrative only. There are variable and uncertain factors associated with any energy project.
  • The investment is for a minimum period of four years.
  • If the Society lacks sufficient cash then it may not be possible to withdraw your Shares.
  • If the Society is unable to meet its debts and other liabilities, you could lose up to the whole amount held in Shares (but no more than that amount).
  • Shareholders have no entitlement to receive a share in any surplus of the Society's assets on dissolution following the repayment to members of the nominal value attributable to their Shares because the Society has a statutory asset lock in its Rules.

Risks associated with the business

  • MBCE may be unable to raise enough capital to proceed with installations, in the event cannot proceed investors will be repaid their investments in full.
  • Capital costs of the installations could be higher than anticipated. Operational costs may rise faster than anticipated. 
  • There may be interruptions to the generation of electricity from the installations once built, caused by damage to or mechanic/electrical failure of equipment. 
  • Solar PV panel performance projections are based on methodologies commonly used by the industry, but long-term changes to weather patterns and/or equipment under-performance may result in lower  levels of electricity generation and therefore income. 
  • Changes in Government legislation may  affect the profitability of future renewable energy projects undertaken by MBCE. 
  • Future projects in which MBCE invests  could affect its ability to pay interest.
  • Investors may fail to qualify for EIS relief. 
  • MBCE may cease to qualify for EIS relief. If this were to happen within three years of your investment, it could result in you having to repay any income tax relief youhave received. 

MBCE has undertaken a series of mitigation measures to reduce the risks stated above, including insurance, prudent management practices and alternative funding mechanisms. 

This list is not necessarily comprehensive and you should read the entire Share Offer and the Rules of MBCE to consider other risks which may impact upon your investment.

Offer Closed

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As of midnight on the 24th of November this share offer is closed.

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