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Solar for Schools

Who benefits

Solar for Schools CBS's vision is to enable every school to cut carbon emissions while inspiring the next generation to live more sustainably. At the same time, we help schools save money and try to ensure maximum financial benefits are also made for UK schools and students from this process.

Energy generation

Projects that meet the Solar for Schools CBS's conditions will be built as funds are raised. The smallest projects the Solar for Schools CBS will currently accept are 30kWp which require £28,000 in funding to cover all development, project management, fundraising, installation, equipment and commissioning, including two workshops with the students.

A school with about 110 solar panels (30kWp) will generate up to 750,000 units (kWh) of electricity over the lifetime of the system and cut carbon dioxide emissions by 10 to 15 tonnes a year

Local schools

Under the terms of the Solar for Schools CBS contract any profits generated over time are shared equally between Solar Options for Schools Ltd and the schools in proportion to the size and performance of their system. Once financing costs and reserves for repairs are accounted for, the remaining profit share for each school should amount to between 20% and 30% of the value of the initial investment over the 25 years of the agreement i.e. with a 30 kW system, assuming all runs to plan, the school would receive a further £7,000 from the profit share scheme.

Assuming the Solar for Schools CBS raises and deploys a total of £2m on school projects over the next 12 months, schools will see a financial benefit based on savings and income from the Solar for Schools CBS of between £2m and £4m over the lifetime of the system depending on location, how well the systems perform, inflation and mains electricity prices.

The following table shows an example of a large primary or small secondary with a 125kW system and no subsidies, requiring an investment of just over £80,000. Hence £250,000 would fund 3 such systems and save nearly 3000 tonnes of CO2 emissions over the systems lifetime

Benefit to each school Year 1 Years 2-5 Years 6-10 Years 11-15 Years 16-20 Years 20-25 Totals
Savings from solar electricity £2,187 £16,012 £39,878 £68,482 £105,813 £154,106 £386,478
Profit share (50% of surplus) £402 £4,039 £10,870 £17,140 £17,741 £65,555 £115,748
Total financial benefit for the schools £2,589 £20,052 £50,748 £85,622 £123,554 £219,661 £502,226

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