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Sollatek Kenya 2

Key facts

Status OPEN
Product Unsecured interest bearing bond
Offer opened 5th January 2018
Offer closes 6th March 2018
Expected Interest Rate 5%

Minimum investment amount £50
Maximum investment amount No maximum
Target £75,000
Term 36 months
Interest Payment frequency 6 monthly

About Sollatek Kenya

Sollatek is 100% Kenyan owned and managed, and has been operational in East Africa for over 30 years. Sollatek is well positioned to help the estimated 29 million people in Kenya who are currently 'off-grid' gain access to clean, reliable energy. Over the last 7 years Sollatek has sold over 650,000 solar lanterns and solar home systems (SHS), and aims to sell a further 180,000 by 2018.

Every £300 invested will allow Sollatek to make a solar home system available to a family in rural Kenya that would otherwise be out of their financial reach. These systems are typically repaid over an 18 to 24 month period after which the family owns the system outright and can continue to enjoy the benefits of the clean energy produced. 

Financial return

The Sollatek Bond offers an interest rate of 5% per annum paid semi annually. The interest rate is variable.

Each £300 invested will enable a Kenyan family or business to buy a solar home system in affordable instalments over 18 months.

Social return

Your investment will help Sollatek to provide clean energy to 250 families in Kenya.

Information about Sollatek

Investment product details and risk factors

Information about the Energise Africa project

What it does, latest financial and social performance

Investment Memorandum

To access the Sollatek Investment Memorandum, you must register on the Lendahand website


If you are in any doubt about the information on this website, the content of the accompanying annual report or the action you should take, you should immediately consult a person authorised for the purposes of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, who specialises in advising on investment in shares and other securities.

Prospective investors should be aware that the ability of the enterprise to pay both interest on the bonds and the intial capital invested is dependent upon it being able to deliver against its business plan. Your capital is at risk and, in the event of SolarNow not being able to pay the interest or full inital capital that you invested any losses will not be covered by a depository guarantee scheme.

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  • Approved by Energise Africa to offer bonds
  • Registered with HMRC
  • Experienced board of directors

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