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The financial returns

For businesses offering savings accounts, we show you information about the interest rates they are currently offering. For co-operatives and companies offering shares, we only show you what dividends they have paid in the past as future returns are not guaranteed.

On every investment product page you will be able to see:

A statement of the business’s interest rate or dividend policy

These policies give you a broad idea of what financial return the business is aiming to offer to its investors, and other key considerations such as how it balances its investors’ interests with those of its other customers, or how it positions itself in the market overall.

They give you an idea of what financial returns the business is aiming to achieve, rather than what you actually get.

Interest rates or historical dividends

The interest rates section shows you what annual rate of interest you can expect. This is stated gross and net. Gross is the interest you receive before tax, and net is the interest you receive after the deduction of 20% basic rate tax. It is the net amount that will actually be paid to you. 

Historic dividends shows you how much each share has paid in dividends every year for the past few years. So for example, if the dividend is 3 pence per share, and you own 1,000 shares you will receive a dividend of £30.00. 

The financial return percentage listed under historic dividends shows you the dividend as a percentage of the share price at the time the dividend was declared. As this share price can change, the percentage can change even if the amount paid in dividend stays the same.

Please remember that the fact that a business has paid a dividend in the past does not mean that it will pay a similar dividend in the future, as this is dependent on the profits the business makes and whether or not they choose to declare a dividend.

The How interest, or how dividend, is paid section also tells you how you receive any interest or dividend. Is it paid to your bank account, or added to your investment?

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