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Thrive Renewables (Buchan) Ltd

Social performance

Operations at Auchtygills and Clayfords during 2017 exported enough renewable electricity to the grid network to power the equivalent of more than 1,000 UK homes


Key Social Performance Indicators (KSPIs)

KSPIs are a measure of how the business is performing on delivering its main social or environmental purpose. Read more

KSPI 1 - Energy Production

Thrive Renewables (Buchan) developed two single turbine projects in Aberdeenshire (Auchtygills and Clayfords).The two wind turbines generated 4,427,593 kWh of electricity in 2017, a 6.7% increase on 2016 output. Average operational availability across the two sites was 99%, which is in line with operational targets. The two turbines combined have generated electricity equivalent to the demand of more than 1,000 UK homes. These windfarms are expected to generate electricity for at least 20 years. 

KSPI 2 - Community benefits

Thrive Renewables (Buchan) Limited's contribute £1,350 each year as a community benefit payment to the local council, under the terms planning consent, from the profits generated by the projects. This payment is used by the council to carry out sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental improvements to existing housing stock in the area and to contribute to educational and art projects in the area through a local college.

Thrive were also delighted to deliver a bespoke and interactive science show into the local Strichen School for pupils to learn more about wind farms and renewable energy which received positive feedback from staff and students.

The Thrive Renewables group have also continued to run a voluntary community benefit programme which invites representatives of community buildings close to thier projects (including Auchtygills and Clayfords) to apply for grants of up to £4,000 to make sustainable improvements to spaces relied on by local organisations. The buildings provide important social spaces for groups including vulnerable sectors of society – these grants make the spaces more comfortable, affordable and sustainable for long term benefit.

Common environmental performance indicators (CEPIs)

CEPIs are environmental performance indicators that are common to all businesses, no matter what their main business activity is. Read more

Carbon emissions

Thrive Renewables (Buchan) wind turbines are targeting 2,395 CO2 tonnes per annum (annual kwh production 5,570MWh).

Staff travel to work

Thrive Renewables (Buchan) Limited does not have any direct employees.

Waste and recycling

Thrive Renewables (Buchan) Limited aim to ensure that there is minimal waste produced during the operations and that any waste is either recycled or dealt with in a responsible manner.

Common Social Performance Indicators (CSPIs)

CSPIs are social performance indicators that are common to all businesses, no matter what their main business activity is. Read more

Community involvement

Please see above KPSI 2.

Ethical procurement

Thrive Renewables (Buchan) Limited source products and services from competent contractors and where possible contract with local companies.

Local employment

Thrive Renewables (Buchan) Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Thrive Renewables Plc and therefore does not have any direct employees

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