Thrive Renewables (Buchan) Ltd

Thrive Renewables (Buchan) Limited raised £3 million through their 2016 secured bond to repay an inter-company loan to Thrive Renewables plc, thereby enabling Thrive Renewables plc to invest in more renewable energy projects.

Thrive Renewables (Buchan) Ltd - What They Do

What they do

The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a larger renewable energy group - The Thrive Renewables plc group of companies. Thrive Renewables' purpose is to provide individuals with a rewarding connection to sustainable energy. Read more

Financial performance

The Company raised £3,000,000 through their 2016 Bond Issue to repay the intercompany loan to Thrive Renewables plc.

First interest payment

15 July 2017

Forecast return

5.5% gross per year

payable net of UK basic tax annually

Social performance

Thrive Renewables plc is a renewable energy group which develops, constructs and operates a portfolio of renewable energy projects.

  • Key social performance indicator

    Thrive Renewables' (Buchan) two operational turbines Auchtygills and Clayfords, generated 4,151 MWh of renewable electricity in 2016.

Governance and people

Who benefits

Thrive Renewables plc's mission is to provide individuals with an opportunity to have a rewarding connection with sustainable energy.

  • Thrive Renewables (Buchan) Limited’s two operational turbines generated 4,151 MWh of electricity in 2016 – enough to power around 1,000 homes.

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