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Transaction charges and pricing


  • There is no charge for making an investment into a primary market product.
  • There are charges for buying and selling on the secondary market.

Secondary Market fees: Buying and selling transferable shares and bonds

There are transaction costs for the secondary market because the process is more complex than for other types of investments. Charges are set at a level designed to recover the cost to us of carrying out the transaction, and no more. There may also be statutory fees to pay if you are buying.

Charges for buying and selling transferable shares and bonds are set out below. You can also view charges to purchase a product buy going to the Product Details page and looking under the 'Fees payable to purchase this product' section.

Ethex charges an adminstration fee of £20 per transaction.  Note - Fees are charged on a per-transaction basis, so please keep in mind that if you are selling to, or purchasing from, more than one counterparty you will be charged our administration fee on each.

Selling: As an example, a sale of 10,000 shares at £1 will yield £9,980, calculated as the share purchase price less the £20 Ethex Adminstration Fee. 

Buying: Investments of more than £1,000 will incur stamp duty of 0.5%, rounded up to the nearest £5. A purchase of 10,000 shares at £1 will cost £10,070, made up of the share purchase price plus £20 Ethex Adminstration fee and £50 Stamp Duty. 

Ethex also charges the businesses it features for its services. To find out more about charges to buisnesses, please call the Ethex Helpdesk on 01865 403304 and request to talk to the Buisness Development team.

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