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Triodos Bank NV

Social performance

Triodos is a global pioneer of sustainable banking. Its mission is to make money work for positive social, environmental and cultural change.

In 2017, Triodos Bank loans funded:

  • 472 Renewable energy projects with a generation capacity of 3,100 MW. During the year these projects contributed to 2.4 million tonnes of CO2 reduction while generating green energy equivalent to the electricity needs of 1.4 million European households
  • Organically managed land which could produce the equivalent of 302 million meals in 2017, or enough food to provide a sustainable diet for approximately 27,000 people
  • Microfinance funds which provided finance to 107 microfinance institutions in 44 countries, serving 15.1 million individuals saving for their future and 20.3 million customers borrowing for a better quality of life.
  • Around 53,000 individuals (2014: 20,000) used facilities offered at 341 elderly care homes financed by Triodos
  • 455 educational initiatives that benefited 650,000 individuals.
  • Theatres, cinemas and museums across Europe visited by 17.6 million visitors.


Key Social Performance Indicators (KSPIs)

KSPIs are a measure of how the business is performing on delivering its main social or environmental purpose. Read more

KSPI 1 - Funds entrusted to Triodos Bank and loans outstanding by country

KSPI 2 - Loans by sector

Common environmental performance indicators (CEPIs)

CEPIs are environmental performance indicators that are common to all businesses, no matter what their main business activity is. Read more

Triodos Bank NV produces an extensive environmental report each year for the whole Triodos Bank group. 

Triodos Bank NV has an active Environmental Management System to monitor and reduce the adverse environmental impact of all its activities. While Triodos Bank NV considers that implementing its environmental policy is the responsibility of every co-worker, the general environmental manager and local environmental manager in each branch of Triodos Bank NV are responsible for embedding the system within the organisation.

Carbon emissions

In The Netherlands a collaboration of financial institutions has created an open source methodology to account for the carbon footprint of loans and investments. Launched at a follow up climate conference in Paris in December 2017, the Platform for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF) has co-created a new way to assess carbon emissions which will ultimately allow stakeholders to see what financial institutions’ investment decisions mean for keeping carbon emissions below 1.5 degrees centigrade from pre-industrial levels. Over 2 degrees is widely regarded as unsafe for our future. Triodos Bank expects to start implementing the new methodology during 2018 and will play an active role encouraging others to adopt it too.

 In 2017 Triodos estimates that it emitted 3.06m kg of CO2 (2016: 3.12m kg of CO2)

Travel to work

Triodos Bank NV’s policy is to encourage co-workers to travel to and from work using the most environmentally-friendly option.

Waste and recycling

Triodos Bank NV aims to reduce the environmental footprint of its paper usage and printing. Where possible, it uses recycled paper and environmentally sound printing processes and materials, such as waterless offsetting and vegetable inks.

Triodos Bank NV also monitors its waste collection process, separately collecting glass, paper, plastics, food and garden waste and encourages recycling.

Common Social Performance Indicators (CSPIs)

CSPIs are social performance indicators that are common to all businesses, no matter what their main business activity is. Read more

Community investment

Triodos Bank has its own charitable arm, The Triodos Foundation. It makes donations to initiatives which complement Triodos Bank’s work and reflect the core values and priorities at the heart of its mission. The Foundation's aim is to stimulate national and international initiatives that instigate social renewal, especially in organic farming, development, the environment, sustainable energy, art and culture, education and health care.

Ethical procurement

All Triodos Bank NV’s suppliers are asked to provide details of labour conditions for their employees, necessary permits, and whether they use environmentally friendly resources and production processes.

In particular, Triodos Bank NV aims to make maximum use of the services of companies that work with disabled people.

If possible, Triodos Bank employs suppliers that are located close to its offices. If appropriate, it asks for a tailor-made approach to sustainability, including using sustainable raw materials and sourcing products, in turn, from local suppliers.

All information taken from Triodos Bank's Annual Report 2017.

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