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Westmill Solar

Governance and people


The principal activity of the Co-operative is the generation and sale of electricity from renewable sources. The Co-operative also aims to engage its members with the activities of the Co-operative.

Westmill Solar Co-operative had, at the close of 2015, 1,517 members.

You can become a member of Westmill Solar by purchasing shares. You will have one vote within the Co-operative, regardless of the number of shares you hold.

Total number of shares in issue


Annual General Meeting

Here you can see the date the last AGM took place, with the next one to be expected a year later. It should take a business three to four months from the accounting year end to produce its annual report. The AGM is usually held two to four weeks later. Any dividends are usually paid around three to four weeks after the AGM.

Last AGM

May 20th, 2017

How many shareholders voted at the last AGM?

393 (27%)



The Board of Directors is comprised of not less than three but no more than seven Directors. Under Westmill Solar's rules, each year one third (or the number nearest one third) of the Directors must stand down and may offer themselves for re-election. Westmill Solar currently has seven Directors.

The Board of Directors is appointed by the members from the members. For day-to-day management the board have appointed RINA (formely OST Energy) to manage the Solar Park, Ethex to manage the Co-operative, and Registry Trust to be the registrar.


Salary Ratio

Westmill Solar does not employ any staff directly.

Directors remunerations

Following a vote by the members at the 2016 AGM the Directors of the Co-operative are remunerated on the terms proposed at that AGM by the adhoc members remuneration committee. The remuneration is £1,000 per director per annum and £1,250 for the chair.

For 2018, the directors claimed a total of £984 in expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.


Three of the board's eight directors are female.

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