What is Ethex?

Ethex makes positive investing easy to understand and do.

It provides a direct and personal way for individuals to invest in businesses they believe in.


What type of investor are you?

09 October 2017

New research by Ethex shows that there are five types of positive or ethical investor. Find out which investor type you most closely align with. Are you a Well-informed, Progressive, Receptive, Unsure or a Sceptical Investor?

How to make your money do good?

06 October 2017

Many people today are aware of the social and environmental impact of their actions, be it purchases, food choices, energy, transport and fuel use – even fashion. More and more people are moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle and are making choices to reflect their beliefs and values.

UK crowd has potential to play a critical role in helping 110,000 families in Sub-Saharan Africa secure vital access to clean and affordable solar energy

05 October 2017

Two of Europe’s leading online impact investing platforms Lendahand and Ethex with support from UK aid and Virgin Unite have launched Energise Africa – putting life changing solar home systems within the financial reach of rural families

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