What is Ethex?

Ethex makes positive investing easy to understand and do.

It provides a direct and personal way for individuals to invest in businesses they believe in.


Oikocredit’s investment in renewables is changing lives

01 August 2016

Much needed financing from social investor Oikocredit, now listing on Ethex, is helping communities in Africa, Latin America, India and Papua New Guinea harness the available power of the sun.

Saving Lives with Solar

25 July 2016

South Staffordshire Community Energy (SSCE) have launched a new share offer in partnership with a University Hospitals of North Midlands and the national charity Beat the Cold that will see solar panels improving the welfare of local residents living in fuel poverty.

Ethical Consumer’s personal finance guide to carbon divestment

19 July 2016

The global carbon divestment campaign has been incredibly successful in getting a wide range of institutions from pension funds to universities to dump $3 trillion-worth of shares in carbon-intensive industries around the world.

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