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Ethex makes positive investing easy to understand and do.

It provides a direct and personal way for individuals to invest in businesses they believe in.


Do Foxes eat chlorinated chickens? Food policy in Brexit Britain.

05 September 2017

Tom Carman recently joined Ethex having spent a career in the progressive food movement. His blog looks at the role that positive investing has played in making structural changes to an important, but often invisible part of our lives – food systems and how it can continue to play an important role in a post Brexit world.

Pay-as-you-go solar lighting up the lives of Ghana’s micro-entrepreneurs

29 August 2017

Sixty years ago, Ghana was the first west African country to become independent, inspiring others to follow suit. Today, with a rapidly growing economy, it is the fertile ground of a new movement in Africa - the adoption of solar energy.

Solar Energy - Changing Lives in Uganda

02 August 2017

It's not until you witness things first hand that you truly get to understand the full impact that solar energy is having on the lives of people. Some of the Ethex team were lucky enough to visit families, businesses, schools and health centres in Uganda and document the transformational effect that solar energy is having on the ground

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