What is Ethex?

Ethex makes positive investing easy to understand and do.

It provides a direct and personal way for individuals to invest in businesses they believe in.


A budget that delivered some progress on the social agenda but could have delivered so much more

22 November 2017

Ethex provides its take on what was announced in the Autumn 2017 budget to promote social investing

Ethex calls for Autumn 2017 Budget to Widen Accessibility to Social Investments for Retail Investors

21 November 2017

Ahead of the Budget, Ethex looks at what the Government can do to make it easier for people to invest their savings ethically.

New social impact investment report is an opportunity for the industry

15 November 2017

Following on from the recent publication of an independent review on 'Growing a Culture of Social Impact Investing in the UK' Lisa Ashford, CEO of Ethex looks at why this represents an opportunity for the sector

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