What is Ethex?

Ethex makes positive investing easy to understand and do.

It provides a direct and personal way for individuals to invest in businesses they believe in.


How does Oikocredit combine your investment goals with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals?

24 October 2016

There were 17 Global Goals approved by the UN Sustainable Development Summit in 2015. They are a blueprint for changing the world by 2030, and Oikocredit’s investment vehicle targets 16 out of 17 of them.

Our events programme to showcase the results of our survey on understanding the positive investor

17 October 2016

Over the next month, Jamie Hartzell, founder and chair of Ethex, will discuss the findings of our landmark survey on understanding the positive investor at a series of events across the UK. There will be useful insights for social businesses looking to raise investment and for organisations that are part of the positive investment marketplace.

BHESCo: True ambassadors of community energy

20 September 2016

As true ambassadors of community energy and cooperative principles, BHESCo believes that eradicating fuel poverty is just as important as creating renewable energy, and for this reason they do what they can to make sure everyone in Brighton and Hove is able to heat and power their homes adequately.

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