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Banking on women: How micro-finance empowers Kenyan women with small loans

08 March 2018

Grace Njoroge is an entrepreneur, wife, and mother of three sons living in a town northeast of Nairobi called Thika. Like many other Kenyan women, she was struggling to sustain and grow her business and care for her family. As her hardware business continued to struggle, she decided to move into something more familiar: textiles. However, she was lacking the necessary capital and expertise not only to establish her new business, but to ensure that it thrived.

Fairtrade - changing the world every day

19 February 2018

It’s almost here! Fairtrade Fortnight 2018 runs from 26 February to 11 March and, during this time, The Fairtrade Foundation is asking that we show extra support for the farmers and workers who produce our food.

A very special female brand of Brazilian organic Fairtrade coffee

16 February 2018

What does organic Fairtrade speciality coffee and social impact investing have to do with empowering some of the poorest women in the world?

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