Resilient Energy Alvington Court Renewables

Resilient Energy Alvington Court Renewables (REACR) is raising the remaining £600,000 of their £1,350,000 raise to maintain their 500kW wind turbine in Alvington in the Forest of Dean. REACR offer a return on investment and aims to reinvest surplus in projects that will build community resilience.

REACR completed a successful share offer in 2015 which raised £750,000 for the turbine deposit, grid connection costs, and other early stage project costs, plus financed the build of the turbine in 2016.

REACR - What They Do

What they do

REACR is a Community Benefit Society set up to deliver community resilience through community-owned renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy education. Read more

Financial performance

REACR aims to raise the remaining £600,000 of their £1.35 million target to maintain a 500kW wind turbine. REACR have already completed a successful raise of £750,000 for the turbine.

Interest first payable

(2017 raise)

July 2018

Forecast return

IRR over project life.


Social performance

REACR concentrates on projects that build community resilience against resource depletion, climate change and austerity through clean energy generation and community awareness.

  • Key social performance indicator

    731 metric tonnes per annum

    of carbon dioxide saved

Who benefits

REACRs purpose is to support local community resilience initiatives.

  • The Society aims to remove 200 homes from fuel poverty by reducing energy bills and at create least 6 low-carbon jobs in the area.

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