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Electric Blue

What they do

Electric Blue offers a variety of Electric Vehicle charger services into the UK taxi market.  It operates 14 chargers, and has 48 chargers with local authorities either constructed and operational or due to be installed over the next year.

Alongside the charger networks, Electric Blue has run taxi fleet analysis for Reading, Stockport, Salford, Oldham, Bath and Coventry and has a healthy pipeline of other revenue generating contracts to deliver.

EVolve Services

Electric Blue's 'EVolve' services help make a business case for Electric Vehicle technologies.  It uses vehicle telematics to map taxi journeys - the data proves the viability of using an Electric Taxi (e-Taxi) on the majority of routes and presents the business case for drivers to convert to electric. Users are provided with a detailed report that demonstrates e-Taxi feasibility, potential emission savings and recommendations for a rapid charger network to support the change.


Electric Blue EVent services are an informative series of workshops designed to drive the uptake of Electric Vehicles.The EVent is for drivers and local authorities where EVolve findings are presented and next steps are outlined on the journey to electric. As part of this taxi drivers are given information on financial packages that local authorities can offer to support Electric Vehicle uptake.

Electric Vehicle trials

The Electric Blue EV trial services then helps prove that Electric Vehciles work for the commercial driving community.  The comapny supplies fully managed and licensed electric taxis to a taxi community.  The EVs have tracking, enabling drivers to have a comprehensive analysis of their rental period and savings made by 'going electric'. Local authorities benefit from Electic Blue managing the marketing, sign up and rental of the e-Taxis and all other electric vehicles for other commercial business drivers.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Once trials have taken place, Electric Blue supports with the installation of Rapid Chargers to support Electric Vehicle drivers. This includes provision of planning, management and maintenance, with 24 hour customer service support included. All of this is scaled and expanded, growing the charger network in line with increased Electric Vehicle demand.

Electric Blue has access to the most up-to-date chargers and equipment, with no affiliation to one supplier or manufacturer. The main types of EV chargers available are rapid, fast, and slow.

Rapid Chargers - Ideal for where fast turnaround is required, rapid chargers will charge a 40kW battery to 80% in 30 minutes, via DC or AC supply. Vehicles must have rapid-charging ability, which is easy to determine with the vehicle manual. Rapid AC chargers use the Type 2 connector, while rapid DC chargers use either CCS (Euro Standard) or CHAdeMo (Asian Standard).

Fast Chargers - For locations that offer long-term stays, fast chargers can charge a 40kW battery to 80% in 5-6 hours. Most EVs accept the Type 2 connector, and power is supplied via AC on all fast chargers. For larger battery types, these chargers can offer a home-charging solution..

Slow Chargers - Charging times vary, but a slow charger will typically charge a 40kW battery to 80% in 8-10 hours. Most slow chargers have Type 2 connectors, or can be tethered with a Type 1 connector. Suitable for all plug-in EVs, slow chargers deliver via AC supply.

Electrify Your City

Electric Blue generates support for Electric Vehicles through marketing and communications campaigns, engaging with local businesses, asking local business to commit to giving their custom to taxis operators that promote and run electric taxis, as part of their corporate social responsibility.

This support encourages taxi drivers to take up Electric Vehicles and the support from local businesses is promoted; providing an incentive to encourage local taxi companies to change to using EVs.

Campaigns are marketed using a website unique to each town and city, using social media and through working with local educational centres to provide work experience opportunities for students to engage with local businesses.

Clean Air Zones

Electric Blue also helps to develop and implement Clean Air Zones Management plans. The need for Clean Air Zones is being driven forward by the Government due to urban areas and trunk roads not meeting standards as set by European air quality laws. Local authorities are required to produce Management Plans, setting out how they are working towards the improvement of local air quality. Electric Blue's Clean Air Zone system targets a sector that significantly contributes to toxic air pollution, namely taxis. By effectively managing this type of vehicle, the Management Plan is assisted in bringing quicker results, meaning cleaner air.

Through this service, Electric Blue provide telemetrics and geofences, drastically reducing the cost and speed of deployment versus cameras and Automatic Number Plate Recognition.  The local authority benefits from real time zone management of location, date, time and air quality and allows for zone pricing based on time, mileage and carbon emissions.

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