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Who benefits

Please note that this information is no longer updated and is for reference purposes only.

en10ergy will use invested monies for the installation of photovoltaic panels on roofs at Woodside High School Haringey. The output from this installation will be sold to the school, and its partner school, Riverside, which shares the site, at a lower rate than they pay for commercial electricity.

Energy generation

The capital raised through this community share offer will fund two arrays of solar panels rated at slightly under 50kWp each on the sports halls at the Woodside/Riverside Schools complex in White Hart Lane.

Local schools

Woodside High School is a secondary Academy on the borders of Wood Green and Tottenham with Co-Headteachers Ms Elma McElligott and Ms Gerry Robinson. The school serves a diverse multi-cultural community of students and has been rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted. Woodside shares a site and electricity supply with Riverside School which provides secondary education to students with special needs including general, complex, severe and profound and multiple learning difficulties.

The school was chosen in consultation with Haringey Council, after a member of en10ergy, visiting the school to promote participation in voluntary action in support of old people, noticed the possibilities which the site offers for PV generation. en10ergy has also helped the school to apply for a government funded loan to upgrade lighting at the site to LED lamps, potentially saving the schools approximately £9,000 per year.

Both Woodside High School and Riverside School will benefit from a reduction in electricity costs. A reduction of £1,425 is expected in the first year of operation, rising to £6,095 in Year 20. The school is projected to save a total of £63,000 over the 20 year period.

Savings for schools paying 9.5p per kWh to en10ergy

Benefit to schools Years 1-5 Years 6-10 Years 11- 15 Years 16 - 20 Years 1 - 12 Years 1 - 20 (Totals)
Annual kWh usage - Day Rate 2,141,351 2,141,351 2,141,351 2,141,351 5,139,242 8,585,404
Annual kWh usage from solar 368,705 360,216 354,766 351,219 871,240 1,434,906
Utility Cost for these £43,799 £47,244 £51,378 £56,158 £111,045 £198,579
en10ergy charge for these till mth 10 yr 20 £35,027 £34,221 £33,703 £32,258 £82,768 £135,209
Savings on Woodside/Riverside Electricity £8,772 £13,024 £17,675 £23,900 £28,278 £63,370

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