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Ethex’s social and environmental performance

Ethex expects to meet the same social and financial standards that it demands from the businesses it features.

Our mission is to make money do good, by making ethical investment easy to understand and easy to do. We promote ethical investing, and we want to do this ethically!

Here we give you a quick snapshot of how Ethex meets the social and environmental standards that it demands of others:

  • The salary ratio between Ethex’s highest and lowest paid employee is 2.5 to 1.
  • 40% of Ethex’s board members are women. The board members offer their services on a voluntary basis and receive no fee
  • 40% of Ethex staff are women
  • Ethex staff prioritise the use of sustainable transport options wherever possible
  • Ethex’s office is in an Ethical Property Company building, which ensures that we recycle our office waste and minimise our carbon emissions
  • As a not-for-profit organisation, we offer membership and in future may offer voting rights to the investors using our services
  • We provide regular updates on the progress we are making in achieving our main goals and on improving our social and financial performance and circulate this to our members.

We want to ensure that we always deliver the best possible brokerage service to the highest possible standards, in accordance with our ethical brokerage policy.

We will monitor the effectiveness of our service on a regular basis. We will do this by recording the full details of each trade including the time it took to fulfil. We will also invite Ethex account holders to comment on our service following each trade. We will analyse this data on a regular basis, at a minimum twice a year, and will consider ways in which we can improve the quality of the service.

We will also review, change and expand on our order execution policy, which describes in detail the way we handle orders to buy and sell shares, at least annually or at any other time when there is any material change to our arrangements. We will notify all Ethex account holders of any material change to our execution policy and principles by providing an updated version of this document either in writing or by publishing it on our website.

We'd love to hear your views. To give feedback directly get in touch.

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