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Get Cycling

What they do

Get Cycling CBS promotes cycling through bespoke events and innovative programmes. Most activities involve bike try-out opportunities in a fun and supportive environment. They offer everything from a single pedal-powered ‘arcade’ game to month-long regional tours. These can be about cycling or can use fun on bikes to promote health and activity awareness. They bring exciting cycling experiences to city centres, schools, universities, community groups, public events and workplaces.

Get Cycling CBS

Get Cycling CBS promotes cycling through bespoke events, innovative programmes and customised publications.

The customer base is, and will be, local authorities, primary and secondary schools, universities, corporate workplaces, community groups and disability support organisations. They operate in city centres, parks, playgrounds, classrooms, car parks, sports halls, office foyers, etc. Engagements range from a single afternoon to intensive six-week regional tours of schools, workplaces and town squares. They are sometimes booked for Festivals of Cycling and have been prominent at the York Festival of Cycling for the last seven years.


Folllowing the 2019 share issue, Get Cycling CBS will immediately take charge of all ongoing contracts and commitments for events, programmes, ongoing negotiations with clients, etc. It will launch an immediate asset improvement programme, increase capability, and launch a strong marketing drive with a view to higher sales and activity levels starting Summer 2020. Community investment will enable the development of three additional and unique activity areas and income streams, building on existing resources and experiences.

‘Techniques for Persuasion’


Get Cycling's CBS's ‘tools for persuasion’ are bike try-out roadshows, cycle-to-work bike loan programmes, supported bike rides, schools activity days, bike doctors and seminars: all including highly developed cycling promotion techniques and materials. They bring everything in formats adapted to clients’ needs and budgets.

The backbone of Get Cycling CBS's offers is a fleet of exciting cycles of all kinds, and for all ages, from which they choose the ones to take to any given event. They also operate three multi-seater megabikes and an arcade of static pedal-powered arcade devices: smoothie-maker, velodrome racing game, bubble maker, gramophone, race simulator and slot car racing. Most have been developed and built by Get Cycling, and so are unique.


Get Cycling Story

Get Cycling used to provide just events and programmes but, seven years ago, in urgent reaction to public sector cuts, they diversified into inclusive cycle retailing, developing a national centre of excellence, and a local bike shop. Their typical model is to purchase used disability cycles in large numbers from Holland, to refurbish and sell at half the price of new to clients with limited means. However, they also sell new.

Over the years their limited financial resources and much of their business energy went into growing this bespoke work, which is thriving, but has taken oxygen away from their unique cycling events and projects. However, it has not gone unnoticed that the underfunded and a little neglected events department has been returning much the same net profit to Get Cycling as the retail department with three times the sales level and twice the staff!



The founders, staff and directors of Get Cycling CiC have decided that it is time to separate the two departments, so each can flourish in its own way, without losing mutual support. They judge that the events and programmes department would be more effective, efficiently run and capable of sustained expansion if transferred into a separate and well financed charitable community benefit society, owned by community investors, rather than operating within the current Get Cycling CIC.

To this end Get Cycling CiC have set up the charitable Get Cycling Community Benefit Society; a trading charity, which will take over and develop all Get Cycling’s events and programmes work. Everything apart from retail.

The two organisations have independent boards, finances, assets and staff, and will support each other in sensible ways, under the scrutiny of their separate boards.

All the ingredients are in place to make this charity a unique and dynamic cycling support organisation. Get Cycling’s founder, Jim McGurn, feels that his work in developing a retail department is now completed, and is excited to be now moving over to working within the charity, to give it impetus and strong management. Two further key staff are also transferring. Once a new Chief Exec is appointed Jim will become head of partnerships and business development.

The Get Cycling CBS team have the skills, assets, creativity and commitment: they now need the power of the community behind them to take everything to a new level.

Get Cycling CBS’s launch website is:

Its events website (to be upgraded after investment) is:

The website of Get Cycling CiC (its sister social enterprise) is

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