As a not-for-profit organisation, we strive to keep our fees as low as possible, so organisations raising finance can benefit from more of the money they raise. We’re completely transparent on the fees we charge to cover our services, here are the details you need:

Primary Raises

For community-run social enterprises such as Community Benefit Societies, Community Interest Societies, Registered Charities or Co-ops our fee structure is a £5,000 fixed fee + 2% of any monies raised.

For more conventional start-ups or early stage companies issuing equity or debt, our fee structure is a £5,000 fixed fee + 3.5% of any monies raised.

We do not charge additional transaction fees.

Other Businesses Services

We can provide you with a quote for:

  • Listing on our Secondary Market
  • Listing on our Wider Market
  • Registry Services

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