• The first step is to fill out our online application form where you can tell us more about your business and the impact it delivers. You can also upload any documents you might have such as a pitch-deck, business plan or offer document.
  • Once we’ve read over your application, someone from our Business Development team will get in touch to talk through your investment offer and its suitability for the platform.
  • We’ll work with you to provide feedback on the final draft of your offer document which we can then review and carry out our internal due diligence on. We will give feedback to ensure that the information you provide will give you the best possible chance of raising the finance you need. If your offer document requires Financial Promotions sign-off then we can arrange this prior to the start of the investment offer.
  • Together with our Marketing and Communications team, you can develop a campaign that reaches and speaks to the right audience for your offer. This will include us building a compelling online profile for your business on the Ethex platform.
  • We will need to complete our due diligence on the final version of your offer document, this review and creating a profile for your business will take around 4 weeks, once this is done we will be ready to launch your offer.
  • During the live campaign we will use our expertise to market your offer to the right people in order to bring in the investment you need, including working with you to ensure that you are reaching all your key stakeholders. There are a number of different factors which determine how long a campaign lasts, our Business Development team will help you to decide how long you should set your campaign to run for. Once you have reached your minimum target you will be able to drawdown funds (subject to any other conditions that might need to be met e.g. planning permission being obtained).
  • Once you have reached your target or the end of your campaign period you can discuss with our team whether you want to close the offer or stay open to continue raising investment (as long as your offer document allows for this).
  • Once the offer closes we will prepare an investor list for your Directors to approve. Once this list is approved by your Board we can transfer the money and you can welcome your new investors and start using the money you have raised to deliver positive impact.

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