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Thrive Renewables plc (formerly Triodos Renewables plc)

Ordinary Shares


If you are thinking of buying this investment product, you will need to do so on the secondary market via a monthly auction. As part of the auction process you will need to decide on the price per share that you are willing to pay. The information below tells you at what prices trades have taken place in the past.

For more details on how to place an order click the 'apply to buy or sell shares' button. For more details on the product go to the tab marked product details.

Price and availability of these shares

Thrive Directors' valuation per share

As of April 2020, The directors’ of Thrive Renewables currently value each share at £2.23.

The Thrive Renewables Board is committed to reviewing the valuation of Thrive Renewables plc following material events. The Trade price is different to the Directors' Valuation per share calculated by Thrive Renewables, which is calculated by taking the discounted cash flows of all operating projects.

Dates of upcoming auctions

Below are a list of dates of the Matched Bargain Service auctions at which you can buy or sell shares at the next auction date.

Date of auction Last date for placing sell orders with MBS provider Last date for placing buy orders with MBS provider
1st September 2020 25th August 2020 before 4pm 1st September 2020 before 12pm

How shares are matched

The highest priced buyer is matched with the equivalent price seller whose shares have been listed for the longest time. So, sellers who have been waiting the longest and are willing to accept the buyer’s offer are matched first.

The trades will always be matched and transact at the buyers’ price. In cases where there are several sellers stating the same minimum price, sellers will be prioritised according to how long their shares have been listed.

Example of how the matching policy works:

Tom wants to sell 2,000 shares at £2.50
Sue wants to sell 4,000 shares at £2.60

John wants to buy 1,000 shares at £2.40
Bob wants to buy 500 shares at £2.75
Lisa wants to buy 6,000 shares at £2.65

Matching results:

Bob purchases 500 shares from Tom at £2.75 (highest priced buyer matched with lowest priced seller who has been listed to sell for the longest period of time).

Lisa purchases 1500 shares from Tom at £2.65 and 4000 shares from Sue at £2.65 (Lisa is the second highest priced buyer and there are still shares available. The trade always transacts at the buyer’s price).

Lisa notifies the MBS provider that her request to purchase the remaining 500 shares at £2.65 should roll over to the next month’s auction. Lisa can consider changing the price and/or volume for the next month’s auction if she wishes.

John buys no shares at £2.40 as no one was selling at this price and his price was not high enough to beat Bob or Lisa’s. John can notify the MBS provider to roll his buy order on to the next month’s auction. The MBS provider will letJohn know the prices at which shares cleared so he can consider changing his price for the next auction.


Past share price and volumes

The table below shows the results of the most recent auction. The graph below shows the price and number of traded shares since January 2011. From February 2016 onwards, the secondary market is run on a monthly auction basis, by an independent stockbrokers whose website can be viewed here. Prior to that shares could trade at any time.

The Trade price is different to the Directoer's Valuation per share calculated by Thrive Renewables as outlined above, which is calculated by taking the discounted cash flows of all operating projects under construction for 20 years from first operation.

Date of Auction Shares traded Average Price
31st July 2019 35,955 £1.71
2nd September 2019 17,939 £1.74
30th September 2019 7,755 £1.86
31st October 2019 3,407 £1.99
30th November 2019 25,601 £2.13
31st December 2019 7,123 £2.13
31st January 2020 51,526 £2.21
29th February 2020 41,487 £2.27
31st March 2020 11,058 £2.51
30th April 2020 27,202 £2.24
1st June 2020 42,279 £2.12
1st July 2020 23,565 £2.11
3rd August 2020 23,900 £2.11

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